When will the BECE 2022 results be out?

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When will the BECE 2022 results be out?

We are cognizant that thousands of BECE candidates are anxious to find out when the West African Examination Council will announce the BECE results for 2022. (WAEC).

If you’re one of them, this comprehensive article will address many of your inquiries regarding the release date for the 2022 BECE results.

The second week of January 2023 is predicted to see the announcement of the 2022 BECE results. BECE results are marked and made public within 45 days of the exam’s formal conclusion.

As soon as the BECE Results are made public, candidates are urged to purchase BECE Results Checker Cards so they can check and print their results.

Is the 2022 BECE result out?

No, the 2022 BECE results are yet to be released. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) will release the 2022 BECE results in early 2023.


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What Is the Grading System for BECE 2022?

The passing BECE grades for school placement are from aggregate 6 to aggregate 30.
Candidates for the BECE are rated depending on how well they performed in the written and objective external examinations as well as on the schools’ continuing internal assessment marks. The applicants are graded on a nine-point numeric scale, with grade 1 representing the highest and grade 9 the lowest.

How long does it take for the BECE results to be released?

BECE results are marked and released within 45 days of the exams officially ending. Because of technical difficulties, the release of BECE results may occasionally exceed the 45-day threshold stipulated by WAEC.

Which month will the 2022 BECE results be out?

Script marking often takes up to 14 days. The current timeline for the release of the 2022 BECE results is between the first and second week of January 2023. This is because it takes two weeks to mark the scripts and a week to validate, finalise, and release the results.

How is the BECE 2022 results calculated?

The BECE results are derived from the six best subjects in your BECE results. The three best core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science, or Social) and your three best elective subjects. You can choose between science and social for the calculation.

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Is aggregate 26 good in BECE?

BECE candidates who obtain an aggregate of 26-48 will be admitted because there are adequate schools to place students once the school placement process is completed.
Those who do not receive automatic placement are frequently offered a second chance to do “self-placement.”

Can the BECE results change?

No, BECE results cannot be changed. There is nothing like a results upgrade. Beware of fraudsters who promise to change candidates’ results for a fee. Report such persons to WAEC or the Ghana Police Service.

Why Do People Fail BECE?

It’s possible that a student doesn’t comprehend the question, has bad study habits, or perhaps has a learning disability. Some students fail the BECE exams due to a lack of preparation. Others simply do not put up enough effort. Others may lack the requisite knowledge or experience.


As previously stated in this article, the 2022 BECE results are scheduled to be released in the first or second week of January 2023.

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