Contract Officer At Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited

Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited (CNML)

The position of contract officer is currently available at Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited (CNML). Job Description Department:Supply Chain Management  Job reports to:Supply Chain Superintendent For the most recent job opening, click here Job Purpose Responsible for the preparation and management of the contracting process. To ensure all contracts and agreements are legally sound, financially feasible, and … Read more

Simple Ways to Release Stress immediately

Simple Steps to Release Stress

The article below aims to offer three simple ways to reduce stress as quickly as possible. Chronic low-grade stress is so common these days that we have begun normalising it. Chronic low-grade stress refers to the psychological or physiological response to a long-term internal or external stressor. Our ancestors were usually under acute stress, such … Read more

Tips to Boost the Immune System of your Child

Tips to Boost the Immune System of Your Child. Children are their parents’ pride and joy. Parents make it a life mission to always support, nurture, and protect their children. In some circumstances, though, protection can be counterintuitive. This piece will suggest a few points to help us continue correctly protecting our loved ones. The … Read more

20 Best Universities in Canada for Health Science Programs

Financial Aid for international students in Canada 2023

Are you trying to find the best universities for health science programs in Canada? Here, you will discover the solutions you seek. The right university can make all the difference when it comes to pursuing a career in health science. The calibre of instruction, possibilities for research, and clinical experiences, in addition to the university’s … Read more

List of Healthcare Companies in Australia looking for foreign workers

The Australian Government has announced an increase in the minimum pay criterion for migrant workers, which is a significant milestone that highlights Australia’s commitment to attracting and supporting talented migrants. The minimum wage for immigrants with skilled visas will increase from $53,000 to $70,000 per year as of July 1, 2023. According to SBS News the decision to raise … Read more

Why is your Vag$na sore after S€x ?- Causes and Treatment

Why your Vag$na feels sore after s€x - Causes and Treatment

Why your Vag$na feels sore after s€x – Causes and Treatment. Despite how enjoyable it might be, not everyone enjoys having s€x. Although everyone craves pleasure, s€x can only be enjoyed when it is safe, consensual, and painless. Many times, after having intercourse, ladies lament how painful their vag*nas are. There are several reasons why … Read more

Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

Are Birth Control Pills Safe? The birth control pill is generally considered to be safe, although all medications carry some inherent risks and adverse effects. You can determine whether the medication is risk-free for you with the assistance of your doctor. But before that, what exactly is a birth control pill? What are Birth Control … Read more