The 7 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend


Nobody hates to believe their partner is cheating, but let’s face it: it happens. If you think your girlfriend isn’t telling the truth, go over these indicators and see how many you can find. Unfortunately, many men are unaware of these warning signals and do not realize their girlfriend is cheating until it is too late.

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  1. Keeping Her Phone Hidden

If your girlfriend keeps her phone hidden from view or has changed the password so you can’t use it, these could be signs that she’s cheating. It’s possible that she doesn’t want you to know who she’s getting messages from or sending messages to because she doesn’t want you to know that she’s paying attention and affection to someone other than you.

2. Little or No Communication

Remember when she told you everything about her life in the beginning of your relationship?
It’s likely that she’s already cheating on you, or that she’s lost interest in your relationship and is at a higher risk of cheating if she’s suddenly clammed up and refuses to talk about things or actively avoids questions about where she was or who she was with.

3. Suddenly Interested in Your Schedule

Cheating girlfriends typically become more concerned about their boyfriends’ whereabouts, in addition to being more covert about their own movements. This is because they want to know when you’ll be gone so they can continue their affair with more confidence. It’s vital to note that she’s only cheating if she suddenly becomes more interested in your schedule. It could just be who she is if she was constantly interested in your everyday routine.

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4. She Can’t Stop Nagging You About EVERYTHING!

There are several reasons why women become more irritated with their lovers when they are the ones who are unfaithful. One cause is that they are looking for flaws in their boyfriend in order to excuse their infidelity. She might be finding more defects in you because she’s comparing you to her other boyfriend, who has flaws but is fresh and exciting at the moment. It can also be a tactic for her to persuade you to stop your relationship with her since she lacks the courage to do so herself.

5. She’s Always Off in Her Own Little World

If your girlfriend has suddenly become much quieter and un-involved, even when she’s at a party or with her friends, it’s possible that she’s thinking about someone else. This is especially true if you’re dating an introvert. Deep, contemplative thoughts are, at the very least, a clue that she isn’t as mentally or emotionally invested in your relationship as she once was.

6. She’s Been Hanging Out with a “New Friend”

It’s probable that your girlfriend is more than “just friends” with her new buddy if she suddenly has a new friend whom she constantly discusses but does not identify or is ambiguous about what types of activities they do together.
Encourage her to invite her new buddy over for a visit as one method to learn more about the nature of their relationship. She could be cheating on you if she refuses or makes up excuses.

7. You Feel Like You Should Tail Her

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If you’re becoming increasingly suspicious of her activities while she’s not with you, to the point where you’re resisting the impulse to take a day off work simply to follow her around and check for yourself what she’s up to every minute of the day, then something is seriously wrong in your relationship. It’s possible that small adjustments in her demeanor have made you suspicious of her, or that something she said didn’t set well with you, causing you to be wary of her.

The finest thing you can do at the end of the day is simply ask her.
Maintain a polite but direct demeanor. Prepare for her answer in either event and keep in mind that cheating is rarely done with the intent of intentionally harming you.
It’s usually a symptom of a deeper problem in a relationship that was bound to end sooner or later anyway, so neither of you is entirely to blame.



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