New PS5 Update adds a TikTok-like editor to its game clips Editor

  • New PS5 Update adds a TikTok-like editor to its game clips Editor.
  • A new PS 5 update adds Bits, a new video editing feature similar to TikTok that lets players customize, share and view short gameplay clips.
New PS5 Update adds a TikTok-like editor
New PS5 Update adds a TikTok-like editor
New PS5 Update adds a TikTok-like editor to its game clips Editor.

Bits, a new Share Factory Studio tool that enables players edit and share games in a style similar to TikTok, was recently included to the PlayStation 5 update. Sony’s new-generation console debuted in November 2020, with cutting-edge hardware and software to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S.

Last year, the Share Factory Studio PS5 video editing tool debuted 4K60 HDR, and now the popular function has received a slew of new enhancements.

The solid-state drive in the console allows for lightning-fast loading, and the graphics processor unit can run at up to 120 frames per second during games. Backwards compatibility allows the PlayStation 5 to play most PS4 games, and most of them benefit from performance improvements thanks to the updated hardware.


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Immersive elements like haptic feedback and adjustable triggers were also praised in the DualSense controller for the PS5. PS5 system software updates and tweaks have added brand-new capabilities like 3D audio and menu adjustments over time, making the system even more stunning.


A new PlayStation blog post has revealed Bits, a new feature that lets players create short TikTok-like gameplay videos within the PlayStation 5’s Share Factory Studio. A video shared by PlayStation on Twitter shows off the exciting feature, which lets players edit impressive or funny gameplay moments and then share them with others.

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Bits can range form three seconds to one minute in length, and features like doodles and custom voiceover makes every video totally unique. The editing tools are robust yet simple, so any PlayStation 5 owner can take advantage of the exciting new video editing feature starting now.

PlayStation Bits Features:

  • A brand-new editing mode with quick and easy access to all editing features and fresh content that can be added to your Bit.
  • Ability to create bite-sized entertainment that ranges from short three second rebounds to up to one-minute custom Bits.
  • New Bit styles that will update regularly from our Bits Live Service. Bit styles will refresh based on the day of the week, special events, holidays, seasons, and trending content.
  • Brand new sets of animated stickers that include sound and even text personalization options.
  • A new doodle feature which allows for creating freeform doodles using the DualSense wireless controller.
  • A new voiceover feature with the ability to add filters that change your voice to your voice recording.

Like the recent Bits update, a September 2021 PS5 system update dramatically improved Sony’s newest console with an abundance of fascinating features. Gamers may now boost the system’s storage capacity by putting an M.2 SSD into the console’s expansion slot as part of the quality-of-life upgrade.

Along with substantial upgrades to the console’s Trophy system and Game Base screen, 3D audio for television speakers was incorporated. In comparison to the version of the console that was released in 2020, these upgrades make the PlayStation 5 a lot more user-friendly.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 received widespread accolades at its initial introduction, and the next-generation console continues to develop and grow as new upgrades are released.

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The new Bits feature makes editing and sharing short gameplay clips a breeze, thus turning Share Factory Studio into a social media platform. Bits resembles TikTok in appearance, thus the new PlayStation 5 editing software interface will likely appeal to a broad variety of players.

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