How to Make the Best CV | Tips/Guidelines and Sample

How to Make the Best CV | Tips/Guidelines and Sample

How to Make the Best CV | Tips/Guidelines and Sample.

If you have been applying for jobs and you are not being called for interviews, then there is a problem with your CV.

Recruitment software now scans your CV for keywords and skills mentioned in the job advertisement. This software is used by hiring managers and many employers. This means that you should change your curriculum vitae for each job application, using keywords from the job advertisement.

Think of your CV as a vital tool for promoting yourself to prospective employers so that you stand out and they want to meet you. Use your curriculum vitae to highlight all the information an employer needs to know about you, including your education, accomplishments, skills, and abilities.

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In this post, we will tell you How to Make the Best Curriculum Vitae. Short, easy, and to the point. This way that the reader will enjoy and happily review your full CV. The most important is how to send a curriculum vitae. It is important to pick the right CV format. Let’s get into the essentials of creating the best Curriculum Vitae

Start with creating a CV outline divided into the following sections:

  1. CV Header with Contact Information
  2. Personal Profile: CV Objective or CV Summary
  3. Work Experience
  4. Education
  5. Skills
  6. Additional Sections
Choose clear, and eye-catching fonts
  • Go for standard fonts:Times New Roman or  Arial  if you prefer sans-serif fonts.
  • Use 11 to 12 pt font size and 1.5 or single spacing.
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Make your CV brief and relevant

Short, simple, and direct. Include the details that you believe are crucial to mention.

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How to Make the Best CV – Tips and Guidelines

  • Always email or share your CV in the PDF version. The MS Word version will look and display differently at the user’s end depending upon his/her version of the MS Office.
  • Always rename the curriculum vitae with your name, such as, “CV-GhNewsBanQ.”
  • Your CV should not be more than one page long. Cut extra space and material that is not needed.
  • Your name is repeated in the address also. No need for that.
  • There is no need to give your complete home address. Just mention the city name. The address, email, and phone numbers should be on one line only.
  • Work experience and professional experience should be merged.
  • There is no need to explain what each organisation is. Just mention the name of the organization, your designation there, the time frame you worked there, and what you did or achieved while in that role.

Other considerations for creating a strong curriculum vitae

  • All dates to be aligned
  • All text to be left-aligned
  • Either all month names be written in full or just first three letters e.g jan
  • Relevant coursework to be 2 lines max
  • Work experience should come after education
  • Write 2-3 bullet points for each internship
  • No photo
  • Address, phone, and email to be in one line
  • Add a LinkedIn profile link below the address
  • No need for months of education
  • Use action verbs to start a bullet point like analyzed, evaluated, managed, etc
  • All bullets start with an action verb


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