National Youth Volunteers Programme

Here is the National Youth Volunteers Programme. The government, through the National Youth Authority, has inaugurated the National Youth Volunteers Programme, urging Ghanaians to use their energies and abilities in areas of the economy to advance national development in communities.

What is National Youth Volunteers Programme?

According to the government, the program would establish an institutional framework to modernize volunteerism in Ghana and streamline activities within the sector to ensure that resources are maximized to solve specific community concerns.

The program through the National Youth Authority will address the ostensible gap between the skills required in industry and the skills possessed by the youth by allowing volunteers to perfect their craft by allowing them to adapt to the real conditions of their respective fields while relying on the support, knowledge, and expertise of more experienced workers in the field.

How do we engage Youth volunteer?

Youth Work Volunteers Module

  • Agriculture Volunteers module
  • Education Volunteers/Special Need Caretaker Module
  • Infrastructure Volunteers Module
  • Health and Well-Being Volunteers Module
  • Environment Volunteers Module
  • Sports and Recreation Volunteers Module
  • Science. Research and Technology Volunteers Module
  • Arts Culture Volunteers Module
  • Gender Mainstreaming Volunteers Module
  • Entrepreneurship/Mentorsh1p Volunteers Module
  • Governance. Democracy and Leadership Volunteers Module
  • Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Volunteers Module

How to apply

Step 1

Step 2

To log in to your dashboard, click sign in and provide your phone number and PIN.

Step 3

After successfully logging into the dashboard, select Apply and complete the relevant application form.

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