Platforms Engineer At Npontu Technologies Ltd

The services of a Platforms Engineer is needed At Npontu Technologies Ltd. A prospective national service Personnel is needed to fill this position. 

Qualification, Skills And Experience 

To be considered for this application, candidates must have the following:

  • Must be able to design and develop enterprise software.
  • Must be able to build services to integrate with existing applications.
  • Must be able to debug existing applications an service for resolution
  • Must be able to liaise with other departments in finding fitting solutions for problem statements.
  • Knowledge in relational and non relational database management.
  • Must have knowledge in Laravel
  • Web service management.

How To Apply For Platforms Engineer At Npontu Technologies Ltd


Application Closing Date: Ongoing 

Contact Npontu Technologies on: 055-654-1525

About Us

Npontu Technologies Ltd was officially registered as a body corporate on 8th November 2016. We are a technology firm that specializes in three main areas, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Software and Mobile App development, and Value- Added Services.

Our vision is to make our clients free to achieve, and we do this by using automation and data analytics to optimize the performance of all platforms crafted to suit the specific needs for our clients

Our values are well communicated by the Adinkra symbols

“Hwemudua”, “Nkonsonkonson” and “Nkyimkyim, which stand for “Service”, “Innovation” and “Teamspirit” respectively. Service represents our agility, speed and commitment to quality in all our work. Innovation refers to our ability to challenge the status quo whilst continuously improving to deliver beyond expectations. Team spirit is our deliberate attitude in carrying others along knowing that we are a part of the whole. We strive each day to ensure that these are not just words but the spirit and nature of Npontu.

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