Approved Clinics for Canada Visa medicals in Ghana

If you are applying from Ghana and plan to stay in Canada for more than six months, you will have to demonstrate your medical eligibility for a Canada visa by passing a medical examination in Ghana.

This article covers the addresses of the approved clinics for Canada visa medicals in Ghana, the documents that you need to bring with you, and a number of crucial topics, including what to do if the test is unsuccessful.

To have your medical results accepted during the Canadian visa application process, you needs to visit an approved physician authorised by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Following the medical examination, the designated medical centre will forward your test findings to the IRCC. For your Canadian medical exam, do not go to a clinic that is not authorised by the IRCC.

There are currently just two medical facilities in Ghana authorised by the IRCC to provide medical examinations for Canadian visas.

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When scheduling an appointment with one of these medical institutions, please inform them that the medical test is for your Canada visa application.

Approved Clinics for Canada Visa medicals in Ghana

Name of hospitalAddressContact details
Akai house clinicNo 1, Sixth Circular Road, Cantonments.





(233) 0302 784 772/773/774

IOM Migration Health Assessment CentreNo 22, Odoi Kwao street, Airport residential area. Accra.Email address:


+233 244 337 798

+233 244 335 856

MyMedical (


There might be more medical facilities added in the future. Therefore, please visit the website of the Government of Canada to see if there are any alternative options available to you when it comes to scheduling your test.

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Documents required For Canada Visa Application Medical Test

  • Passport photograph
  • Valid ID- preferably your passport
  • Eyeglasses/ contact lens (if applicable)
  • List of medication you are currently on (if you are)
  • Any medical reports or test results for past or current health issues.
  • Medical report form (eMedical).

If you do not undergo an upfront medical exam, the IRCC will contact you while processing your visa to schedule one. When they do, you will receive a medical report form, which you must bring to the clinic.

When you arrive for your test, the clinic might require you to carry extra documents. To obtain the list of necessary documents, get in touch with the clinic where your medical test will be conducted.

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What medical test is required for Canada student visa?

The medical test required for a Canadian student visa is the same as the test required for any other Canadian visa. It basically involves checking your weight, height, pulse, blood pressure, lungs, vision, hearing, etc. You may also have to do a urine test, a blood test, and a chest x-ray, depending on your age.

Can a Canadian visa be rejected on medical grounds?

Yes, it can.

Can I get a Canada visa without a medical test?

You don’t need to take a medical exam to obtain a Canada visa if you want to remain for no more than six months. Please be aware, nevertheless, that you might need to undergo a medical test if you plan to come to work during your stay.

What happens if you fail a Canadian medical exam?

A procedural fairness letter from the IRCC will be sent to you outlining their reasons for believing that you could not satisfy Canada’s health requirements. By providing more information about your condition and course of therapy, you can persuade them to reconsider. Here is more information about what to do if you receive a letter like this one: medical inadmissibility.

It’s critical that you reply as soon as possible to avoid having your application rejected.

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