How to Book Accommodation in a KNUST Hall

How to Book Accommodation in a KNUST Hall.

Congratulations if your name appears on the list of successful candidates for admission to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

How can I check my name on KNUST admission list?

Follow the guidelines below to check your name on the KNUST 2023 Admission List:

  • Go to KNUST status checker portal
  • Enter your Voucher Serial Number and Voucher Pin on the field provided,
  • Then Click “Login” button to access your admission status.
  • Proceed to Print the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Admission Letter.

The next step after receiving an admissions offer from KNUST is to accept the offer by filling out an acceptance letter and mailing it to KNUST. You can now head to the bank to pay for academic fees after sending the acceptance letter.

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Which banks can you pay KNUST fees to?

Students are required to pay the relevant Fees into KNUST MAIN FEES COLLECTION ACCOUNT at any of the following Banks:

The next step after academic fee payment is to apply for a room using the Knust Accommodation Portal as a fresher.

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How to Book Accommodation in a KNUST Hall

Freshers must:

  1. Accept the offer of admission to proceed.
  2. Pay academic fees in full before applying for accommodation.
  3. Please note: Do not pay academic and residential fees together. Make a reservation for accommodation before payment of residential fees.

How To Make A Reservation And Select A Room In KNUST

Follow the steps below to make a reservation and select a room

  1. Login with your Application Number and PIN.
  2. Select the Make a reservation button to view available accommodation.
  3. Read and accept the accommodation instructions.
  4. Select accommodation from the list available. A reservation code will be generated.
  5. Log out of the system and proceed to a paypoint to pay residential fees.
  6. After payment of residential fees, login to the system to select a room.
  7. For more details about booking a hostel or other accommodations, Call 0548195708
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List Of Recommended Hostels Around KNUST- Location and Contact

How to Book a Private Hostel Room in KNUST

KNUST Hostels Booking: Guidelines To Book A Hostel in KNUST

List of KNUST Halls of Residence

1. Republic Hall

Republic Hall KNUST - Kumasi, Ashanti Region

Republic Hall is a mixed-use hall with a capacity of 850 students. The Republic Hall at KNUST was dedicated to commemorating Ghana’s attainment of Republic status in 1960. The hall opened in 1961, but no women were admitted. The first woman to be admitted was in 1991. The main building has 198 rooms, and the annex block has 96.

Facilities include a modern mini-basketball court, a games room, a chapel, a salon, a gift shop, a kitchen that serves food, etc. Cock Tarven is a very popular junior common room on campus. Everyone gathers to socialize. Repu, as it is generally known, also houses the Student Representative Council (SRC) Office.

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2. Unity Hall (Conti)

KNUST Live on Twitter: "Unity Hall in 'pieces of wood'. A thing of beauty. #KNUSTLive." / Twitter

Unity Hall is the largest hall, with an original accommodation capacity of 448 rooms and 36 additional flats. Unity Hall had previously been a male-only hall, but on August 1, 2018, it became a mixed hall. It is known as “The Twin Towers” because of its contemporary facilities. Members of the hall are referred to as continentals.

A modern internet cafe, a communication and business centre, a basketball court, a games room, a boutique and gift store, a barbering salon, a food-serving Canteen, and a shopping centre with well-stocked groceries are among the amenities. It features the biggest, most comfortable, and most welcoming junior common room on campus.

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3. Queen Elizabeth II Hall

✏️ iainjackson on Twitter: "Queen Elizabeth II hall at KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana. Vintage photo of Prince Philip opening the hall in 1959." / Twitter

Queen Elizabeth II Hall, often known as Queens Hall, is a 294-room residence hall located in the heart of the KNUST campus. The hall was named after Queen Elizabeth II of England. The Duke of Edinburgh officially commissioned the hall in November 1959.
The Queen of England did not visit the hall until 1961, during her state visit to Ghana.

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Members of Queen Elizabeth II Hall are commonly referred to as “royals.” A modern internet cafe, a communication centre, a badminton court, a games room, a gym, a chapel, a salon, a gift store, a shopping centre, a canteen that serves food, and other amenities are available.

4. University Hall(Katanga)

KNUST University Hall Alumni Network | Katanga

In 1961, the university hall was established. The purpose of the hall was to mark the day, August 22, 1961, when Kumasi College of Technology became a full university. Prior to being changed to a mixed hall on August 1st, 2018, University Hall, also known as Katanga, was an all-male hall. Without including the flats, the main hall contains 198 rooms and can house up to 792 students. There are 95 rooms in the annex, with space for 380 people.

A gaming area, a gym, a church, an internet cafe, a mini market, a communication centre, a barbershop, a kitchen that provides food, etc. are just a few of the amenities.
The Junior Common Room in Katanga is extremely active.

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5. Independence Hall

KNUST halls and their history – GetRooms Blog

Ghana holds a particular place for Independence Hall KNUST because it was dedicated in February 1959 to honour Ghana’s declaration of independence on March 6, 1957.
Independence Hall is KNUST’s premier and first hall, serving as a permanent hall of residence for both male and female students.

The proud residents of the hall are referred to as Spartans. The hall has 96 rooms in an eight-story annex and 198 rooms in the main hall. An internet café, communication centre, gaming area, gym, chapel, salon, mini-mart, and dining hall are all present and correct in the Independence Hall.

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6. Africa Hall

KNUST Halls Of Residence, Shocking Revelations from KATANGA to Conti Power | Knustnoticeboard

In 2018, Africa Hall KNUST transitioned from an all-female to a mixed hall. It was first used by students on October 14, 1967. “Domites” is the term used to refer to members of the Hall. There are 192 livable rooms in Africa Hall.

A modern Internet café, a mini-basketball court, a games room, a chapel, a hairdresser, a laundry, a well-run kitchen that serves food, a contemporary mini-market, etc. are available as amenities. All product categories are stocked at the Africa Hall, J.C.R. It is among the greatest on campus, if not the best.

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Now that you know all the halls of residence in KNUST and the facilities in each hall, the ball is in your court; you can now choose a hall and book a room for yourself.

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