List of all 33 albums by Daddy Lumba

List of all 33 albums by Daddy Lumba

List of all 33 albums by Daddy Lumba.

Charles Kwadwo Fosu, better known by his stage name Daddy Lumba, is a well-known Ghanaian musician who has been active for more than three decades.

He remains one of the most consistent musicians alive, consistently releasing successful albums.

Daddy Lumba has won several Ghana Music Awards as well as other excellence awards, and his music continues to appeal to both young and old people.

The majority of his songs featured female singers Yvonne Ohene Djan, better known as SHE, and Ateaa Tina.

He has his own studio where he does all of his work, as well as machines for mastering, cassette duplication, loading, printing, and shrink wrapping. His music has evolved over time to reflect changes in taste and demand for music, and he is now classified as a contemporary highlife artist.

He recently launched an ultra-modern radio station, DL FM 106.9, to commemorate his 58th birthday.

How many albums has Daddy Lumba released?

Daddy Lumba has released 33 albums in total. Highly lauded albums include Aben Wɔha, Awosuɔ, Sika, Obi Ate Me So Buɔ, Ye Nea Woho Beto Wo, Tokrom, Sika Asɛm and Ebi Se Ɛyɛ Aduro. He is currently working on his 34th album, Nnipa Fon Na Ɛka Nsɛm Fon.

What is Daddy Lumba’s first album?

Daddy Lumba released his first album, Yɛɛyɛ Aka Akwantuo Mu’ in 1989 with Nana Acheampong


Daddy Lumba(Left) and Nana Acheampong(Right)

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Below is a list of all 33 albums by Daddy Lumba, as well as a list of tracks from each and the year they were released.

Daddy Lumba released his first album, Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu” 1989 with Nana Acheampong

  1. Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu
  2. Odo Fakye
  3. Enko Ngya Me
  4. Yenka Ntam
  5. Aban Nsa Aka Wo

Daddy Lumba came out with his 2nd album, titled, “Obi Ate Meso Bo” in 1990

  1. Theresa
  2. Ankwanoma
  3. Obi Ate Meso Bo
  4. Nom Nsuo Twen Ope
  5. Makoma Ho Tofe
  6. Me Mpaebo

Daddy Lumba released his 3rd album, “Sika Asem” in 1991

  1. Sika Asem
  2. Eye Odo Nti
  3. Made In Ghana
  4. Yenfa Odo
  5. Se Wotan Mea
  6. Ahenkye
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Daddy Lumba released his 4th album, “Playboy” in 1992

  1. Ohia Asem
  2. Play Boy
  3. Mensei Da
  4. Odo Beba Na Mawu
  5. Nkyenkyen Wo Na Afe
  6. Monsu Ma Me (Awisea Foforo)

Also in 1992, Daddy Lumba teamed up with Felix Owusu for his 5th album, “Vida”

  1. Emmefa Nko Gyae Me
  2. Vida

In 1993 Daddy Lumba released his 6th album, “Biribi Gyegye Wo”

  1. Makra Mo
  2. Biribi Gyegye Wo
  3. Enye Nyame Den
  4. Medwen Me Ho
  5. Mepe Wasem Bebree

Daddy Lumba joined forces with Afua Ampofowaa in 1994 to released his 7th album “Odo Foforo”

  1. Enkosi Daben
  2. Opono Hini Me
  3. Odo Foforo
  4. Nsei Me Din
  5. Babiara Ni Ho

In 1995, Lumba released his 8th album “Sesee Wo Se”

  1. Anidaso Woho Ma Obiaa
  2. Sesee Wo se
  3. Odo Mensu
  4. Me Ndaada Wo
  5. Me Ne Odo Ne Beko
  6. Children Of The Future

Daddy Lumba came out with his 9th album, “Mesom Jesus” Also in 1995

  1. Mesom Jesus
  2. Amansan Nyinaa Nto Ndwom
  3. Mebo Wodin Akyere Aman
  4. Job Ye Din
  5. Yesu Ka Ye Ho
  6. My Lord Is Able

Daddy Lumba teamed up with Akua Serwaa Bonsu to release his 10th album, “Hwan Na Otene” album in 1996

  1. Beye W’awanwa Adwuma
  2. Hwan Na Otene
  3. Magyenkwa Pa Yesu
  4. Edin No Ne Jesus
  5. Messiah
  6. W’agye Me
  7. Woka Yen Ho Daa Nyinaa
  8. Woye Onyame

In 1997, Daddy Lumba came out with his 11th album “Back For Good”

  1. Back For Good
  2. Se Emere No Beso a
  3. Ebi Se Eye Aduro
  4. Se Wo se Kete Bae Mu
  5. Eye Onoa
  6. Menye Den Koraa
  7. Innocent People

In 1998, Daddy Lumba came out with “Aben Wo Ha”. His 12th album.

  1. Doctor Panee
  2. Fakye
  3. Aben Wo Ha
  4. Dangerous
  5. Hye Wo Ho Den
  6. Se Wo Da Ento Pono Mu
  7. Nyame Nhyira Mmaa

In 1999, Daddy Lumba joined forces with Ofori Amponsah to release his 13th album, “Millenium Love Songs”

  1. Auntie Atta
  2. Hye Me Bo
  3. Odo Mmra Fie
  4. Jane
  5. Wo Nkoaa
  6. Odo Ade3 Bi
  7. Esi So
  8. Wo Daa Da
  9. Wo Ho Kyere
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Daddy Lumba released his 14th album, “Mato Odo Mu” In 2000

  1. Twime
  2. W’ate Asie
  3. Meda Me Gya Mu
  4. Emere Pa
  5. Mmaa Monsore
  6. Bla Bla Bla
  7. Mariama

Daddy Lumba joined forces with With Selina Orleans to release his 15th album, “Fa Woho Bo Jesus”

  1. Aseda Ben
  2. Enye Awurade Den
  3. Fa Woho Bo Jesus
  4. Menim Se Wo Betumi
  5. Monyi Awurade Aye
  6. Ayeyi
  7. Yesu Ye
  8. Yesu Ndaase Nka Wo

In 2001, Daddy Lumba released his 16th album, “Poison”

  1. Poison
  2. Menya Mpo
  3. Ghana Yonko
  4. 111666
  5. Woara Beba
  6. Ehye Obi Yam
  7. Akoma Da Akoma So
  8. Onyame Were Nfi Ne Mma

Daddy Lumba came out with his 17th album, “Me Ma N’afa Wotrim” (Released in 2002)

  1. Adepa Hye Adepa Mu
  2. Dofopa Amma Ntem
  3. Mema N’afa Wotrim
  4. Osome Oso Bone
  5. Se Sumye Kasa a
  6. Homeless
  7. A Plus
  8. Okuafo Ye Adwuma Opon

Daddy Lumba came out with his 18th album, “Asie Ho” feat Borax also in the year 2002

  1. Asie Ho
  2. Odo Meko
  3. Nana Yaa
  4. Eye Onoa
  5. Twe Ben Yen
  6. Mama Pa
  7. Me Coat Yi
  8. I Can Fly
  9. War
  10. Greeting Babylon

Daddy Lumba released his 19th album Bubra in 2003

  1. Bubra
  2. Dada Kae
  3. Daddy Pay All
  4. Adaka Tea
  5. Saa Na Eye
  6. Ataa Nkwan
  7. Odo Nfa Me Nko
  8. Pony

Daddy Lumba again teamed up with Borax for his 20th album in 2004

  1. Pa Ntoma
  2. Odo Bewu De3
  3. Ma Obi Nfa Me Nko
  4. Aden Koraa
  5. Meba
  6. Menti Gyae
  7. Onko Na Me Nko
  8. Sika Nti
  9. Wala
  10. The Bee Squad

Daddy Lumba teamed up with Pat Thomas for his 21st album titled Ahenfo Kyiniye in 2004

  1. Ahenfo Kyinie
  2. Moye Kwa
  3. Nana Nyankopon
  4. Emere Pa Beba
  5. Fameye
  6. Agyabi Wua Agyabi Tease
  7. Orekyekye

Daddy Lumba came out with his 22nd album, “Area Boy”, featuring Afua Ampofowaa in 2005

  1. Area Boy
  2. Kyere Me Odo
  3. Wontee Y3 Anaa

Daddy Lumba released his 23rd album “Give Peace A Chance” again in 2005

  1. Give Peace A Chance
  2. Gyedi
  3. Gold Digger
  4. Wokaekae Me
  5. Medowo Se Nea Wodo Me
  6. Wo Beda Gee
  7. Wondo Me Anaa
  8. Yekurakura Mu
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In 2006, Daddy Lumba came out with his 24th album, “Tokrom”

  1. Tokrom
  2. Give And Take
  3. Obi Ate Meso Bo (remix) aka Enshie Wo, feat. Okyeame Kwame and Kwabena Kwabena
  4. Odo Beba Na Mawu remix
  5. Mensei Da remix
  6. Enye Nyame Den remix
  7. Taaso Eburo a.k.a Molemole Boy
  8. Anim a Yede Di Sika a.k.a Asante Nkae

Daddy Lumba released his 25th album “Agenda” in 2007

  1. Agenda
  2. Angel
  3. Edwo a Enye De
  4. Ogyeboso
  5. P.O.P
  6. I’m Powerful
  7. Amansan Su
  8. B. Power feat. Obrafour

Daddy Lumba released his 26th album “Sika” in 2008

  1. Sika
  2. Si Me So remix
  3. Medo No remix
  4. Nana Awu remix
  5. Mas3de a.k.a Se Awiase Nyinaa
  6. Huhuuhu
  7. Mpempem Do Me

In 2009, DL released his 27th album, “Aware Pa Ye Anibre”

  1. Enti Se Ade3 Akye Me a
  2. Aware Pa Ye Anibre
  3. Anadwo Yi De3 feat. Sarkodie
  4. Dikon feat. Bradez
  5. Baah Wiredu

In 2011, Daddy Lumba released his 28th album, “Kohye Po”

  1. Ko Hye Po
  2. Ye Ne Wo Sere Kwa
  3. Ma Enye Wonkoa Adom
  4. W’apre Anu Woho De3
  5. Ma Enye Wonkoa Adom (Worship)

In 2014, Daddy Lumba released his 29th album “Awosoo”

  1. Nea Woho Beto Wo a.k.a Yentie Obiaa
  2. Awosoo
  3. Odamani Bewo Ama Y’ahwe N’adapan
  4. Epokye
  5. Nea Nyame Tumi Ye

In 2015, Daddy Lumba teamed up with Great Ampong to release the album “Hosanna”

  1. Awurade Ka Meho
  2. Enye Dam Bi
  3. Father and Son
  4. Hosanna
  5. Jesus is Winner
  6. Kronkron
  7. Mafore Bo Ndwon
  8. Wo Tumi Ye Kese

Daddy Lumba came out with his 31st album “Enko Den” in 2016

  1. Enko Den
  2. Biakoye feat. Okyeame Kwame
  3. Osoro Nkye Me Ne4. Yenfa Anadwo Nye Nna feat. Okyeame Kwame
  4. Daasebre Gyamena
  5. Yefri Adom Beko Adom Mu

His solo career has not been without controversy; one minute he releases a gospel album, the next he shocks people with provocative lyrics and music videos.

List of all 33 albums by Daddy Lumba

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