How Much Do Airport Workers Make In Ghana

An airport is one of the few places of employment that is consistently busy. They are crowded with people travelling to the four corners of the world and are open around the clock. There are a variety of workers from various airlines and businesses who are there to assist customers on their journey.

But have you ever wondered how much airport workers make in a month?

Workers in airports and other aviation-related businesses in Ghana have a decent chance of earning a stable salary.

The amount paid to airport employees in Ghana varies according to the employer, the employee’s position, the task at hand, and their years of experience.

Several people have questioned how much airport employees make, given how glamorous and opulent the job appears to be.

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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, airport workers are an essential part of your journey, and we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without them. In light of this, let’s take a look at some of the most common airport jobs, what they entail, and how much they pay.

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How Much Do Airport Workers Make In Ghana

Airport worker’s salary in Ghana

1. Airport Security Officers

They are typically in charge of preserving a secure environment for all passengers and workers at the airport.

Estimated monthly salaries for airport security guards range from GHC 1,200 to GHC 2,500.

2. Operations Agents

Daily operations at the airport are managed and coordinated as part of their job. They assist with tasks including managing luggage and passengers, maintaining aircraft, and whatever else has to be done at the airport.

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The monthly salary for operation agents ranges from GHC 1,500 to GHC 3,000.

3. Baggage Handlers

They transport and load luggage for passengers on aeroplanes. They assist with baggage unloading upon arrival and ensure that passengers receive their luggage as soon as possible.

Baggage handlers make between GHC 1,000 and GHC 2,500 per month as well.

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4. Flight Attendant

Few persons have a bigger role in your travel experience than flight attendants, from the moment they greet you at the gate through the end of your journey.
They stand for extended periods of time, assist passengers, and keep the plane clean—all while maintaining a cheerful demeanour.

That final step can be very challenging. Because of this, and in addition to the harassment experienced by female flight attendants in particular, flight attendants frequently have to deal with irate or unpleasant passengers.

5. Air Traffic Controllers

An air traffic controller must maintain a high level of alertness throughout their lengthy shifts. They are often stationed in an air traffic control tower, where they are required to keep a careful eye on and stay in touch with pilots operating in the nearby airport’s airspace.

It takes some level of advanced education and experience to work here.

According to estimates, air traffic controllers make between GHC 5,000 and GHC 12,000 each month.

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6. Commercial pilot in Ghana

The average annual wage for a commercial pilot in Ghana is about GHC 138,000, according to (as of September 2021). Therefore, based on the aforementioned variables, this can be anywhere from GHC 75,000 to GHC 400,000.

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Like in any country, a pilot’s wage in Ghana might rise or fall depending on factors like the airline, the pilot’s level of experience, and the type of aircraft flown.


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In conclusion, there are a range of incomes that airport employees in Ghana might earn, each of which is related to the particular duties and benefits of its location.
In Ghana’s aviation sector, entry-level job seekers can frequently count on earning pay that is both reasonable and competitive.

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