Salaries and Ranks of University Lecturers in Ghana

Salaries and Ranks of University Lecturers in Ghana

Salaries and Ranks of University Lecturers in Ghana.

The question at hand is: What is the pay of university lecturers, what constitutes a lecturer, who is eligible to hold the position of lecturer, what are the ranks of university lecturers, as well as other critical concerns regarding university lectures in Ghana?

Many individuals are perplexed as to why graduates are eager to move up the academic ladder and become lecturers. Based on that, we have gathered information from the field for the benefit of all readers. Please take your time and pay attention to the topic we are about to get into.


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What is a lecturer’s primary responsibility?

A lecturer’s primary responsibility is to organize and present instruction on their area of expertise to university students. Along with direct teaching, these teaching duties also involve developing instructional materials, getting ready for tutorials and seminars, and marking student work.

Every organization has ranks that classify employees based on their credentials and work history; consequently, it is important to value their contributions in terms of their financial worth and other legitimate and legal motivations. Similar to that, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has ranks for its staff.

What are the ranks of university lecturers?

The ranks of university teachers are varied. According to their organizational structure, academic instructors have roughly eight (8) ranks.

In this article, the rankings of university lecturers are listed in order from highest to lowest.
The higher the rank, the greater the compensation; hence, junior ranks receive lower wages than their seniors. No matter whether a rank falls under the Junior or Senior umbrella, salaries for each rank vary from one another.

These are the rankings:

  1. Emeritus Professor (Retired)
  2. Professor
  3. Associate Professor / Reader
  4. Senior Lecturer
  5. Lecturer I
  6. Lecturer II
  7. Assistant Lecturer
  8. Graduate Assistant

How does the salary for university lecturers increase?

As they advance academically, university instructors get more money. Additionally, lecturers’ salaries are determined by their credentials and connected institutions.
Simply put, a professor who holds a Ph.D. will make more money than one who holds an MSc.

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In Ghana, lecturers receive a monthly salary in the thousands of Ghana Cedis.
In Ghana, the average monthly salary for a lecturer is about GH6,860.00.

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Salary Range Of University Lecturers

Their wages range from GH3500 (the lowest) to GH10600 (the highest). This pay is the typical monthly compensation for lecturers, which also covers housing, transportation, and other benefits.

Which lecturers hold the lower rank?

Graduate Assistant, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer II, and Lecturer I. Each lecturer in this rank receives a monthly salary of between GHC 2,000 and GHC 3,000 per month.

Salaries and Ranks of University Lecturers in Ghana

What is the salary per annum of university lecturers?

Lecturers receive annual salaries ranging from GHC 18,000 to GHC 42,000.

How many years does a lecturer need to qualify to earn a higher salary?

Senior lecturers make between GHC 5,000 and GHC 6,000 a month, and they are required to complete ten (10) years of university study, from Level 100 to Ph.D.

According to estimates, lecturers at this level earn between GH60,000.00 and GH72,000.00 annually.

Which ranks are the higher in University lecturers ranks?

The following ranks are regarded to hold the highest among university lecturers:Emeritus Professor (Retired), Professor, Associate Professor.

The highest paid positions in Ghana are those on the above list. Professors typically earn between GH8,000.00 and GH8,400.00 each month. They receive an annual salary of between GH96,000.00 and GH10,000.00.


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