How to Get a Work Permit in Canada: Complete Guide

How to Migrate to Canada by Express Entry
Do you intend to work and reside in Canada?

The first step towards working in Canada is obtaining a work permit, and this article will explain How to Get a Work Permit in Canada.

Canada is a popular location for job searchers globally since it grants more than 500,000 work permits to international workers each year.

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Types of Canadian Work Permits

Canada provides various immigration and employment options, and work permits vary based on the job. Some jobs, however, are exempt from work permit requirements. Here are Canada’s two primary types of work permits:

1. Canadian Open Work Permit

In Canada, there are two kinds of open work permits: restricted and unrestricted. A restricted permit restricts the holder’s ability to work in any area or occupation in Canada, whereas an unrestricted permit permits them to work in any area or occupation.

Open work permits allow persons to work for any company in Canada except those engaged in promiscuous activities such as striptease or escort services.

The following types of work permit fall under the open work permit category:

  • Open Work Permit Bridge
  • Post-Graduation Employment Permits
  • Pilot Program for Atlantic Immigration Spousal Permit
  • Permits to Work Temporarily for Spouses and Common-Law Partners
  • Youth Program License
  • Regular Work Permit

2. Employer-Specific Work Permit

Employer-specific work visas allow people to work but with a number of restrictions, including the employer’s name, the amount of time they can work, and the location of their workplace.

There are more types of work visas besides the two primary categories of work permits. Here are two illustrations:

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Other types of Canadian work permits

1. Student Dependent Work Visa for Canada

The application for an open work visa may be made by the husband, wife, or common-law spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. They must, however, make a request for husband-and-wife sponsorship or common-law sponsorship within Canada and be physically present in Canada. They can work in Canada if they have an open work permit.

2. Spousal Work Visa for Canada

In order to support their dependant spouses and children, foreign students studying in Canada may seek work permits for their spouses. The student must be enrolled in full-time studies in order to be eligible for an open visa for a spouse, or both parties must submit applications for study visas at the same time.

How to Get a Work Permit in Canada – Eligibility Criteria

You must first be eligible to receive a work permit in Canada. With a few exceptions, foreign nationals require permission to work in Canada.

Most candidates in Canada use a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) to apply for jobs.

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker.

Candidates can still apply in some cases, nevertheless, even without having received a job offer or an LMIA. For instance, the spouse of someone holding a work or study visa in Canada or a recent graduate of a Canadian Designated Learning Institute.

Those who are eligible for a work permit must additionally fulfil the following requirements:

  • Prove that they will leave Canada when their work permit expires
  • Demonstrate that they have enough funds to support themselves and their families while in Canada and to return home
  • Are neither physically nor legally prohibited from entering Canada
  • Plan to work for a qualified employer
  • Can you provide any documents needed to show their ability to enter Canada

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Final Thought

To summarise, obtaining a work permit in Canada necessitates completing specific eligibility criteria as well as comprehending the many types of work permits available.

This article serves as a starting point for persons looking to work in Canada, but it is recommended that they obtain expert assistance in order to navigate the process efficiently.


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