How to withdraw from MTN Mobile Money(MOMO) without Ghana Card

How to withdraw from MTN Mobile Money(MOMO) without Ghana Card in 5 Easy Ways.

Many people have questioned whether there are any solutions to the friction introduced by the need that ID cards be presented before MoMo transactions—withdrawals are particularly impacted.

You would need a workaround to withdraw your money if you don’t have the Ghana Card, especially since that it is the only ID card you may use to withdraw.

Hacks are feasible with any update that heavily depends on user compliance rather than technical aspects of the system.

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Today, I would want to discuss a few methods that, if you don’t have a valid ID card, you can theoretically withdraw your MTN Mobile Money from your wallet.

Yes, there may be times when you need to make a transaction without your ID card.

First and foremost, it’s critical to note that MTN Ghana implemented the new presenting of ID cards requirement as a means of combating the widespread MTN Mobile Money Fraud.
Consequently, following them is in your best advantage.

Again, the purpose of this article is to help individuals who might need it, not to disparage MTN Ghana’s efforts.

Let’s look at how to use MTN Mobile Money to withdraw money if you don’t have a valid ID card.

1. Withdraw your MoMo at an ATM

Few people are aware that you may truly withdraw your mobile money from an ATM in Ghana if the machine accepts cardless transactions and MTN MoMo. Only a handful ATMs enabled the capability a few years ago. But now, a lot more ATMs will let you withdraw money in a few simple steps. You simply need to generate a token from your Mobile Money account and use it for the withdrawal.

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2. Send directly to the Merchant

Even the legality of this approach is uncertain to me. If so, then there is still more to be done in the fight against fraud.

When a friend and I visited the MoMo merchant yesterday to withdraw money, the merchant mentioned that he had a “sim we can transfer the money to” and that after he confirms receipt, he will give us the cash. However, we avoided that path and instead used the methods for cashing out that MTN had permitted.

3. Send the Money to a friend who has a Ghana Card

Old practices are sometimes the best practices. Sending it to a friend with an ID card to utilize for the withdrawal makes sense if you wish to withdraw but lack an ID card.

Then, your friend has two options: give you the cash and keep the e-cash in their wallet, or cash out independently and give you the cash.

The issue with this method is that if the sum is higher than your threshold, you might have to pay two charges and an e-levy. This is a good option to receive your money even without a legitimate ID Card, though, if you absolutely need it and can’t wait.

4. Use your Other Mobile Money Accounts on other Networks

If you have signed up for Vodafone Cash or AirtelTigo Cash, you can easily transfer money from your MTN Mobile Money account to the account on the other network. You can then just go to the network’s merchant and withdraw money. With this approach, e-levy is still payable.

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Many people are currently employing this technique. If other Mobile Money networks start requiring an ID Card as well, the system will quickly become ineffective and obsolete.

5. Using 3rd Party Services to make payments and transfers

You can transfer money from your MTN MoMo account to your bank account or other accounts via 3rd party services like SlydePay and ExpressPay. By doing this, you can withdraw money from your bank’s ATM.

Even while this strategy works, I don’t find it appealing because of the exorbitant fees that these third-party firms impose.


Ideally, you won’t be in a position where you have to utilize a hack to get around not having your ID card present in order to take money from your own wallet.

Keep in mind that MTN only permits mobile money transactions using the Ghana Card. The following identification cards are no longer accepted: Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s License, NHIS and SSNIT ID

Fraudsters should be aware that MTN is on the lookout for them and that they will be apprehended and penalized if they choose to employ these techniques for their own nefarious purposes.

Have any MTN Mobile Money tips to share?Let us know about them in the comments section.

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