VIP JEOUN Transport assures fare reductions.

VIP JEOUN Transport assures fare reductions.

The VIP JEOUN Transport Service has assured the travelling public that fares will be reduced in the coming days as the Christmas season approaches.

The Transport Service Operator stated that as a moral and humane business that comprehends and empathises with the suffering of the travelling public, it has presented a memo to its Board of Directors suggesting fare reductions.

The business’s public relations officer, Adakabre Frimpong Manso, stated in an interview with Eyewitness News on CitiTV that ” as a psychological and ethical company, we are making and taking the necessary measures to ensure Ghanaians are able to travel this Christmas season and do so affordably.”

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Commuters began clamouring for a reduction in transport rates when the price of petrol and diesel began to fall significantly, but the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) reversed its position and began to blame the price of spare parts, which the spare parts vendors at Abossey Okai bluntly refuted.

Mr Frimpong Manso said despite all the excuses given by the other driver unions, particularly the GPRTU, it will go ahead to cushion the public by reducing their “prices in the coming days which we have submitted a memo before the Board of Directors awaiting approval.”

“There is a motion on the table before our Board of Directors for the reduction of prices for the travelling public.”

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In order to prevent the usual increases in traffic accidents, he added that the company is trying to ensure that travellers’ safety is maintained over the Christmas season.

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“Basically, what we are doing is taking a cue from the National Road Safety Authority and warning our drivers to be careful on the road and we have decided to get passenger liaisons to communicate between the driver and passengers and to monitor the driving habits of drivers to report any driver culpable of misbehaving during trips.”

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VIP JEOUN Transport assures fare reductions.


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