When Will SHS 1 Students Go To School In 2022


When will SHS 1 students go to school in 2022? Following the release of the BECE results and BECE school placement, the majority of individuals have raised this question.


As a result of the delay in the release of the CSSPS school placement, some parents expressed their displeasure and petitioned the Ministry of Education and GES to postpone the April 4th school reopening date so that they could adequately prepare their children before they began school.

This article gives all the details about when prospective SHS 1 students will go to their various schools in 2022.

The Date SHS 1 Students will go to School in 2022

Mr Yaw Opoku Mensah, the Ministry of Education’s deputy spokesperson, has hinted on the date. On the school placement form, he stated that the reopening date for SHS 1 was set for 4th April 2022, and that this date has not been changed.

So When Will SHS 1 Students Go To School In 2022?

SHS 1 Students who have been successfully placed in their various schools will go to school on 4th April 2022.

About the BECE School Placement

BECE school placement is determined by your overall performance and the school choices made by pupils during the BECE school selection process. The following is a breakdown of how your school selection choices and aggregate will be utilized to place you into senior high schools:

  • Students with Aggregate 6 to Aggregate 10 are usually given first Choice.
  • Students with Aggregate 11 to Aggregate 19 are usually given Second Choice.
  • Students with Aggregate 20 to Aggregate 29 usually get third and fourth choices in school placement.
  • Students with Aggregate 30 to Aggregate 35 get 5th choice in school placement.
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Is it possible to Change your School After BECE School Placement?

Yes, it is possible to change your placement. However, you must meet the following requirements.

Candidates who are not automatically placed in any of their chosen schools must go through the self-placement portal.

The Self-placement is a technique that allows you to log into the CSSPS portal and choose from schools that have openings.

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