DAAD Scholarships Germany 2022/2023- Fully Funded

DAAD German Scholarship 2022

Applications for the DAAD Scholarships 2022-23 are still open.

There’s no doubting that Germany has a lot going for it: a strong economy, a global economic powerhouse in the automobile industry, and a strong competitor in several research and innovation areas. It’s no surprise that students are interested in studying in Germany. Those interested in making that dream a reality should apply for the DAAD Scholarships 2022.

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The German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD), which was founded in 1925, provides a wide range of financial opportunities for students from all over the world, ranging from short-term research grants to one-year fellowships for doctorate candidates. The DAAD funds approximately 110,000 German and international academics each year around the world.

Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of study, research visits and in some cases, internships. It is primarily targeted to graduates, doctoral and postdoctoral students who would like to further their studies in either a university or non-university research institution in Germany.

Why should you study in Germany? 

Besides its picturesque landmarks, vibrant culture, rich history and stunning architecture, Germany has maintained a long-standing tradition of being at the forefront of technological innovation. Germany leads the innovation sector in the highly coveted Global Competitiveness Report in 2018, published by the World Economic Forum. 

Students aspiring to learn and gain some career exposure in the innovation sector may find studying in Germany to be rewarding to their study and career interests. 

Studying in Germany also provides a gateway for international students to secure residency in the EU, as German courses are accredited and internationally recognized. 

What you should know before applying

DAAD notes that they offer many scholarship programmes that are open to almost all subjects, although restrictions apply to some subjects.

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Courses approved under DAAD Scholarships 2022 are those that have a duration of more than a year and less than three years. Applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree, which has a duration of less than or equal to six years. 

Unfortunately, no scholarship will be granted for students wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree in Germany. Students must show proof of at least two years of working experience.

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Who is the scholarship aimed at? 

One of the main purposes of the DAAD scholarship is to scout for the best talents in the doctoral field, with full doctoral grants being awarded to applicants from developing or threshold countries. 

The scholarship aids doctoral students from any country to contribute to the impactful doctoral projects that are being carried out in reputed German universities and research institutions. 

Aspiring PhD and postdoctoral students from almost any country of origin may receive short-term or one-year grants. The generous scholarship aimed to attract talents from any part of the world to contribute towards research projects in Germany. 

Not only that, scholarships are also awarded for those wanting to pursue language courses, available through the University Summer Courses and University Winter courses. This is particularly helpful for students who wish to embark on a German adventure, either through mastering the language or through acquiring more knowledge about the country. 

What does the scholarship cover? 

Students who are successful in their application for a scholarship will be granted the stated amount covered for their programme. Moreover, the scholarship will also cover a monthly allowance aimed at reducing students’ financial burden. There will also be an additional allowance which includes travel and health provisions. 

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The DAAD Scholarships 2022 includes

  • Postgraduate students get a monthly allowance of €750
  • Doctorate students get a monthly allowance of €1,000
  • Both postgraduate and doctorate students get health insurance coverage
  • There is also a provision where these students can receive a travel grant
  • The students get to study for free in a German university
  • The students also get accommodation for free at the university

Do I need to know German to be eligible for the DAAD Scholarships 2022? 

Many universities and institutions may require you to submit proof of your proficiency level in the German language when applying. There may be exceptions for international programmes or certain postgraduate programmes. Contact the International Office of your institution of choice for details. 

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What’s the deadline? 

The deadline for the DAAD Scholarships 2022-23 applications vary

DAAD notes that the application phase for the winter semester starting in September/October begins in early May and ends on July 15 for most higher education institutions. 

For the summer semester starting in March/April the application period runs from early December to January 15.

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