Study in Canada:University of Alberta exempts Nigeria from English test requirement

GOOD NEWS: University of Alberta Officially recognizes Nigeria as English-Speaking Country.

Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, a Nigerian postdoctoral research fellow in Canada, recently convinced the University of Alberta to waive the English language requirement for Nigerian students.

Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi
Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi

Dr. Igbalajobi, a native of Ekiti State in southwest Nigeria, emailed and tweeted at the university’s official Twitter account on May 22 to draw attention to a list of chosen Nigerian universities that meet the institution’s English language requirement.

I write to call your attention to a list on your graduate school page exempting applicants with credentials from ‘SELECTIVE’ universities in Nigeria from the English Language Requirement at the University of Alberta,” he tweeted.

He added that “the official language in Nigeria is English which automatically translates to the fact that all academic programmes from elementary to tertiary education are taught in English.

According to him, Nigeria should have been exempted totally, not just a few institutions.

I affirmatively believe that the University of Alberta attracts applicants from different backgrounds and inclusion is germane to her. It will be greatly appreciated if the current list is updated or reworded to reflect all universities in Nigeria…,” Mr Igbalajobi wrote.


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University of Alberta’s response

Mr. Igbalajobi’s email “surfaced a major issue of disparities between English Language Proficiency exempted countries as listed across Canadian post-secondary institutions,” according to the university, which acknowledged his email.

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It stated that it will work with its U15 partners to ensure consistency in the reference list, but that “in the meantime, Nigeria will be included to the list.”

It (University of Alberta) is home to a large number of Nigerian graduate students, and it will ensure that Nigerians and other prospective students receive correct information when they “research and apply to our university.”

A screenshots of website showing Nigeria on the list


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