New Job Ads At Newmont Mining Corporation

Newmont Mining Corporation is advertising job openings for SHS graduates. The company is looking for a blaster. The role holder will perform technical activities for Newmont in charging blast holes in a safe and controlled manner.

In This Role, You Will: Job Ads At Newmont Mining Corporation

Blast Execution Planning 

  • Communicate with and receive instruction from the Blasting Supervisor and follow the specified instruction and charging plan, prior to the execution of activities. 
  • Conduct field tests in determining the depth of the blast hole and input data into dip-plus to determine the quantity and type of the bulk explosive required. 
  • Reconcile blasting initiation product quantities before obtaining final sign off from the Supervisor. 

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  • Conduct pre-blast tests on relevant systems, in the case of electronic detonation. 
  • Undertake the priming of all blast holes. 
  • Install physical critical controls (i.e., barricade cones and coloured signage), prior to blasting.

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Blast Execution 

  • Inspect all drill holes and implement remediation action in preparation for charging. 
  • Assemble primer charges using selected detonators, fuses, detonating cords and other materials. 
  • Manually load explosives in blast holes and / or supervise and direct bulk explosive trucks onto the blasting pattern to charge holes. 
  • Connect electrical wires, detonating cords or fuses into primer / series and connect series to blasting machines. 

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  • Join surface connectors to downlines. 
  • Follow the tie-up plan according to Standard Task Procedures (STP’s).
  • Conduct final inspections to assure that all blasting connections have been made safely and correctly. 
  • Conduct and maintain Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) standards during blasting activities. 
  • Manage, store and transport explosives and accessories according to strict safety regulations and observe Newmont safety procedures and processes at all times. 
  • Report on and maintain accurate inventory of explosives. 
  • Compile records of blasting activities using specified templates and forward to the Supervisor. 
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Training, Skills & Experience Checklist:

Formal Qualification

  • Senior High School Certificate.

Additional Knowledge:

  • Blasting Certificate. 
  • Sound knowledge of various explosive types. 
  • Sound knowledge in blasting accessories. 
  • General knowledge in mid-to-heavy equipment operation.

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  • Minimum of 1 – 2 years’ blasting experience in a large open pit mining environment. 
  • Experience in electronic and non-electronic detonation.

Technical Skills:

  • Strong risk management skills. 
  • Strong safety orientation skills. 
  • Strong mathematical skills. 
  • Strong listening skills. 
  • Strong concentration skills. 
  • Sound planning, organizing and prioritizing skills. 
  • Sound analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Sound technical communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills. 
  • Sound information monitoring skills. 
  • Ability to follow hazardous material procedures. 
  • Ability to follow verbal directions and hand signals. 
  • Ability to stay focused.

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