Tips To Get Canadian Job Offer From Outside Canada

Canada has started a new procedure to accept skilled immigrants with work experience in key jobs as permanent residents in order to address the labour deficit.
On the other hand, securing a job offer outside of Canada is significantly more difficult, but it is not impossible.

The following seven tips will assist you in getting a Canadian Job Offer From Outside Canada.

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1. Reach out to employers on LinkedIn

The most used websites for job applications are Indeed and Glassdoor. Additionally, the majority of Canadians utilise these websites to submit their resumes for jobs. Even though they can use identical job-search websites to apply for positions, international workers’ resumes are less likely to be considered.

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The reason for this is that hundreds of other applicants, many of whom would be Canadians, filed their applications for identical vacancies. One potential fix for this issue is to connect with the company’s recruiting manager directly through LinkedIn.

To locate and get in touch with the recruiting manager, though, you might need to do some corporate research. After that, you can connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn, have a conversation with them, and express your suitability for the job.

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2. Change your CV to Canadian format.

Make sure that your existing CV is formatted in accordance with Canadian standards before reaching out to employers in Canada.

Most resumes in Canada are two pages long. Avoid making your CV any longer than this unless you have decades of work experience and are seeking a senior-level position.

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You can include the following items on your Canadian-style resume:

  • Your employment history, shown in reverse chronological order from your most recent to your oldest position
  • Any volunteer positions Links to your professional social media accounts, such as LinkedIn

Keep a “master” resume with all of your employment information as another piece of advice. Then, you can create succinct versions of this resume that include pertinent details about your professional background that are useful for the post.

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3. Make use of provincial job bank websites.

Foreign workers can also look for employment in their desired province on the Government of Canada Job Bank website. You can filter your search results on this job site by occupation, location, working environment, workplace language, length of employment, and salary.

For instance, if you’re looking for a full-time shop attendant position in Vancouver and you have two years of work experience, decent English abilities, and a university degree, you can go to the Advanced search page and write “shop attendant” in the “Job Title” field. After that, you can sort through the choices.

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4. Look for jobs in smaller cities.

In Canada’s biggest cities, like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, most foreign employees are eager to find employment. However, the employment opportunities in these cities also entice Canadians from other parts of the country.

A single job posting in Toronto is likely to result in hundreds of applications from prospective workers. As a result, it is unlikely that you will ever be asked to interview for such a job.

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The good news is that there is often less competition for employment positions outside of major cities. For instance, a post in Hamilton, Ontario, would receive a few dozen applications.

When applying for jobs in smaller cities, the chance of getting an interview rises.

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5. Pay attention to landing in-demand positions.

As was previously said, interested candidates submit dozens or even hundreds of applications in response to job advertising. Once more, this is due to the fact that there are far more job applicants than there are workers.

However, there are a lot of open vacancies for in-demand jobs, and the in-demand jobs vary per province. For instance, this year, plumbers are in high demand in British Columbia.

Aspiring foreign employees should investigate the “in-demand” vocations in their preferred regions before applying for opportunities.

6. Learn French

The two primary official languages of Canada are English and French. Nevertheless, English is the language of choice for most people. Quebec is the only province where French is widely spoken.

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Many job postings in Quebec specify that applicants must be fluent in French. Because of this, few international employees and residents of other Canadian provinces apply for jobs in Quebec. Foreign workers who speak French have an edge when looking for jobs in the province.

7. Enter Canada on a tourist or visitor visa.

Foreign workers who wish to improve their chances of receiving a job offer from Canada might consider studying French if they have the time and resources.

Travelling to Canada on a visitor visa will be more successful for prospective foreign workers who are having issues submitting their applications online. Anyone can apply for a visitor visa, even if they have no family or acquaintances in Canada.

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You can fly to Canada and look for work once you get your guest visa. If you already have a list of potential employers, you could try visiting their offices to speak with the hiring managers.

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