List of Items to Take to the University – Packing List

List of Items to Take to the University - Packing List

List of Items to Take to the University – Packing List.

Even if you’re not a lover of lists, it’s good to have a plan of the basics you need to take with you. Here, we’ve put together a big list of everything any university student should send to campus.

You can still follow this advice if you’re not going into halls of residence, but make sure to check what’s already included if you’re going into shared private accommodation.

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Your room will usually be kitted out with some basics, including a bed and mattress, a wardrobe, a desk and chair. But you need to pack the things that make it feel like home.

You should take:

  1. duvet, duvet cover and sheets (take a few of each)
  2. mattress protector
  3. pillows and pillowcases
  4. things to spruce up your room, like a rug and some cushions
  5. decorations to make you feel more at home. Things that hang on door handles, photo frames, and fairy lights are some examples
  6. photos, posters, and Blu Tack
  7. stationery and books
  8. laptop, phone, chargers, and whatever other tech you need. A small speaker can be handy if you’re allowed one
  9. purse, cards, ID, passport, important documents etc.
  10. bags, including the essential clutch/bumbag for nights out and a bag big enough to fit your laptop and books in for uni
  11. clothes, shoes, and coat hangers
  12. a TV if you want one, but most people use their laptop or a PC monitor (remember to get your TV licence sorted)
  13. an airer and laundry basket
  14. medicine (paracetamol is a fresher’s must)
  15. a bedroom bin (double-check, as this might be provided)
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Top tip: Try not to overpack. You will probably end up acquiring things while you are there, and keep in mind you’ll need to move it all again after the academic year. If there’s anything key you’ve forgotten, you can order it or go to the shops once you’re settled.


Check to see if your room is private or shared. If it’s shared, you might want to split the cost of things like toilet paper later on. To start off with, take:

  1. shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel
  2. toothbrush and toothpaste
  3. hand soap
  4. toilet cleaner, bleach, toilet brush
  5. towels and hand towels
  6. toilet rolls


The essentials you’ll need are:

  1. a few mugs and glasses
  2. a couple of saucepans and frying pans
  3. a chopping board and some baking trays
  4. cutlery and some chopping knives
  5. plates and bowls
  6. bin bags, sandwich bags, foil, and cling film
  7. any utensils you need, like a wooden spoon, spatula, and pizza wheel
  8. tea towels
  9. Tupperware
  10. some cupboard essentials, like teabags, baked beans, and pasta, to get you through the first few days

Top tip: When you get there, look for a neighbourhood store to get some fresh necessities like milk and bread. It’s also a good way to get to know the local area.


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List of Items to Take to the University – Packing List

Below is our top university checklist, covering all the items that any Ghanaian university student could need.

  1. Passport Picture (8-10 copies).
  2. Academic fees and Residential Fees payment slip and photocopies
  3. Admission Letter (8-10 copies).
  4. Residential Allocation sheet (3-5 copies).
  5. NHIS card and other relevant cards or documents.
  6. Copies of WASSCE results.
  7. Laptop
  8. Multi-socket or extension board.
  9. Pendrive
  10. Bucket
  11. Electric Iron.
  12. Clothing (casual dresses, home clothes, dinner dresses like a tuxedo for men and appropriate lady’s dinner wear, church dress, jewelry or watches, etc.). Simplicity is advised.
  13. Exercise books for writing notes.
  14. Dictionary for most courses
  15. Holy bible or Quran.
  16. Rice cooker.
  17. Blender or earthenware bowl.
  18. Hot Plate/electrical burner (gas cookers are not allowed) for campus residents.
  19. Laundry items (washing soaps, pegs, detergents, etc).
  20. Schoolbag for lectures or backpack or handbags.
  21. Stationery (Pens, pencils, erasers, etc.).
  22. Beddings (bed sheets, pillowcases, sleeping clothes, etc.).
  23. Dress hangers.
  24. Shoes (church, lectures, outing).
  25. A file to store important documents and receipts.
  26. Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, beauty items, etc.).
  27. Raincoats or umbrella
  28. Sportswear and sports shoes.
  29. Chargeable flashlight.
  30. Small-sized saucepans, a frying pan, and other basic kitchen equipment.
  31. Plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.
  32. Napkins
  33. A reasonable amount of foodstuffs and Provisions
  34. First aid medicines and sewing kit for emergencies.
  35. Mini Fridge (Optional)
  36. Microwave (Optional).
  37. Small-sized barrel in case of water shortages
  38. Money
  39. Rice
  40. Gari

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