Top 10 most protected People in the world



Top 10 most protected People in the world.

Some of the world’s most powerful, influential, and powerful people have some of the top most stunning, massive, deadly, and weird agencies, forces, and special security units.

These political leaders, business moguls, monarchs, or celebrities have the power to change the lives of millions of people for the better or for the worse with their decisions. As a result, their integrity and that of their families are extremely important. As a result, both these soldiers, police officers, or guards train for many years to be the chosen ones to cover their backs and sacrifice their lives for the VIP (Very Important Person), in some cases we cannot see them or we do not know who they are.


The last person on the list of the world’s top ten most protected people will astound you.

1.Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia is the most well-protected person on the planet. Vladimir Putin has over 3000 bodyguards, armored vehicles, and a dedicated security team at his disposal. They arrive about a month before the president’s visit to organize their security schedule with local authorities, assess threat information, and prepare for the president’s arrival.

Vladamir Putin
Vladimir Putin

2.Donald trump

Former US President Donald Trump is the world’s most well-protected billionaire, with over a thousand bodyguards and an annual security expenditure of $120 million.

He also drives “The Beast,” the world’s most secured car, which is supposed to be bomb proof.

Donald trump
Donald trump

3. Kim Jong Un

Of course, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un must be included on this list, but why?

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His security detail includes 12 highly trained martial artists who jog alongside his limo whenever he travels, as well as almost 90,000 soldiers. Consider Cristiano Ronaldo’s bodyguards: you wouldn’t approach him and ask him to sign a jersey for you.

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

4. Pope Francis

Vatican City, a city-state near Rome, Italy, is home to the world’s top most protected religious leader, who resides in possibly one of the world’s most heavily armored cities.

He’s under the watchful eye of the Swiss guard, the world’s oldest military force. You now understand what they meant when they stated, “Do not touch my anointed, and do no harm to my prophet.”

Pope Francis
Pope Francis


5. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the first UK monarch to enjoy a Golden Jubilee (which commemorated her 65-year reign in 2017), is the world’s most protected sovereign (or should I say queen). I must say that English bodyguards do not frighten me in the least. They have the appearance of traffic cops. You didn’t hear it from me, did you?

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

6.Mohamed Bin Salmán

He is the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia, reports states that Salmán has spent more than $20 billion on military equipment in recent years.

Mohamed Bin Salmán
Mohamed Bin Salmán

7.Jay Z and Beyoncé

Apart from the bodyguards, they want to build a security compound in their LA mansion that is estimated to cost $88M, their newborn child also has a security detail worth about $1M.

Jay Z and Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyoncé

8.Mark Zuckerberg

Since 2015, Zuckerberg has spent around $20 million on security, including $7.3 million on bodyguards for his home and travels. More than $30 million has been spent on guards, security systems, and private planes since 2015.

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Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg


9.Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Approximately $ 8.7 million + $ 4.7 million was spent on police services to ensure all guests secure at the royal couple’s wedding, which included snipers, undercover cops, and months of counter-terrorism research.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle
Prince Harry and Megan Markle

10.Floyd Mayweather Jr

According to Floyd Mayweather Jr. reports, he has the world’s largest bodyguard. They are with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Floyd Mayweather Jr


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