Transport fares to go up by 30% – Private Commercial Transport Operators

Transport fares to go up by 30% – Private Commercial Transport Operators.

The Private Commercial Transport Operators has announced a 30 percent increase in transit fares effective tomorrow, Friday, February 18, 2022

The Coalition of Transport Operators met on Thursday, February 3, 2022 at the TUC, the GPRTU headquarters, and decided to raise transportation fares by 30%. According to sources, the present increase in fuel prices, increases in the price of products we consume, and government fees, among other things, affected their decision.

The decision to hike fuel prices was decided following a meeting of 16 transportation unions on Thursday, February 3, 2022. The conference’s goal was to talk about the recent spike in fuel prices and how it affected commercial transportation companies.

Among the transport unions were the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU), the Progressive Transport Owners Association (PROTOA), and the Concerned Drivers Association.

The Coalition of Private Transport Operators filed a proposal for a 30% increase in transportation fares to the Transport Ministry for review and approval on Monday, February 7. However, the government has proposed a 10% increase.

The Coalition rejected the government’s offer, claiming that a 10% increase would force them to close their doors. Meetings with both parties have come to a successful conclusion. Tomorrow, Friday, the administration is due to meet with the coalition.

Over the last few weeks, the price of gasoline has been slowly rising at the pump, a situation that many drivers have decried as insensitive. The increases, according to the concerned drivers, have a severe influence on their profit margins, causing personal hardship. Transportation fares will increase by 30% as a result of this new decision.

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According to the group, this decision was made to protect transportation businesses from collapsing as a result of recurring increases in gasoline prices.

“A gallon of fuel which used to sell at the pump for ¢27, has now jumped to almost ¢36 per gallon,” In a statement dated February 17, it decried the situation. 

“A litre of fuel is now being sold for ¢7.990 at some of the main filling stations,” the group goes on to say. 

As a result, the Private Commercial Transport Operators has instructed its members to “apply the increase as soon as possible, beginning tomorrow, February 18, 2022.”

A press release dated February 17, 2022 disseminated the communiqué to the general public.

See pictures of the press release below;

Transport fares to go up press release
Transport fares to go up press release
Transport fares to go up press release
Transport fares to go up press release



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