Ofori Amponsah – Several Gh gospel songs are worthless.

According to Ofori Amponsah, the majority of Ghanaian gospel music are worthless.

Ofori Amponsah known in the music industry as “Mr. All 4 Real” is a multi-award-winning Ghanaian hiplife/highlife performer. At the 2006 VGMA awards, he won seven awards in one night, including 2005 Artist of the Year, and he has a total of 17 Ghana Music Awards nominations, making him one of the most nominated artists in the country.

During a recent Onua Televised interview with Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu, the highlife singer asserted that his secular songs inspire more than a few purportedly gospel songs in Ghana.

“The first thing God created was love,” the former pastor said of his love songs, “therefore if I can’t please my partner musically, how can I fulfill God, whom I’ve never seen?”

What is the value to the audience if I sing melancholy songs? “I was just remarking yesterday that most of the Christian songs they do are worthless,” he continued.

“A majority of the recognized gospel performers lack material on the issue of the word of God,” says the “Alewa hitmaker.” The majority of their songs aren’t gospel in nature. They’re performing “funny songs.”

“I can safely inform you that I even preach better than a lot of the pastors in Ghana,” he said, referring to a few Ghanaian preachers. This isn’t the first time the Highlife has spoken about God’s word.

Amponsah announced his departure from secular music in 2013. In 2014, he released The Gospel According to Ofori, a gospel New album. One of his choices was to become a pastor.

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To share the gospel, he founded the Family of Faith and Love Ministries. It wasn’t long before he returned to secular music, saying that his love songs would rescue souls.

After proclaiming his wish to return to secular music, he began rehearsing and preparing his audience for a new sensation and a revamped version for future shows.

He was said to have spent a month in seclusion at his home in order to concentrate on his upcoming stage appearances.


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