Why Qatar has warned LGBT groups ahead of the World Cup

Qatar world cup laws

Qatar has issued a strong warning to LGBT groups who intend to use the forthcoming tournament as a platform to demonstrate their rights. Qatar warns LGBT groups ahead of World Cup

Major General Abdulaziz Al Ansari, Director of International Cooperation and Chairman of the National Counterterrorism Committee declared this.

Qatar is one of the countries that are openly homophobic and has zero tolerance for homosexual-related acts.

At the Ministry of Interior, the safety of all visiting people are guaranteed, but that of gay groups who try to raise up their flags during the World Cup cannot be guaranteed.

Qatar LGBTQ fans

He however said all LGBT people are welcomed to Qatar, but they should try and desist from actions that are not in line with the laws of the country.

“You want to show your perspective on the (LGBTQ) problem in a culture where it will be acceptable,” he said.

“We understand that this man bought a ticket and is coming to enjoy the game, not to protest, demonstrate, or do anything else.”

“Watch the game,” he added. That’s excellent. But don’t go around insulting the entire society because of it.

“We don’t care if you reserve a room together or if you sleep in the same bed. We’ve come to oversee the tournament. Let’s not get carried away with the individual personal things that may be going on between these people… this is the concept,” as quoted by pulse.com.gh

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Ukraine’s attention shows bias against blacks

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has decried the unequal attention given to blacks during emergency situations.

He said the assistance given to Ukraine is very important, but only a tiny of such help is given to blacks.

He underscored the importance of helping Ukraine but quizzed the world on what it had done to mitigate conflicts in war zones like Tigray in Ethiopia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria.

“I don’t know if the world really gives equal attention to black and white lives,” he questioned. 

He insisted that the world is not treating the human race equally.

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