Sample of motivation letter for scholarship

How to write an introduction paragraph in the motivation letter:

First and foremost, you should write your contact information at the top of the page before beginning to write the introduction paragraph. Then you begin the introduction section, in which you write about yourself, your school, high school, and previous educational institutions. Aside from that, you must inform the reviewer about the program for which you are applying. Don’t forget to explain why you’re applying for the scholarship.

How to write a Body paragraph in the motivation letter

The second part, which concentrates on the main content of this motivation letter, is the longest of the three. This paragraph should include achievements in fields other than the one you’re applying for, as well as talents, skills, and paid and unpaid work experience. Don’t be shy about mentioning any volunteer work you’ve done in your schools or anywhere else linked to education.

Mention your enthusiasm for your field in the following paragraphs and illustrate how it is a must in your life to become an expert in that industry. Give the idea that you’re a career-driven individual who aspires to be a leader and make a difference in the world. It will also give the reviewer a message that you can somehow brighten the institute’s name in the future.

How to write the conclusion paragraph of the motivation letter

The concluding paragraph is only a recitation of the preceding paragraphs. In the conclusion section, explain your long-term future plans as well as all of the key elements from your body paragraphs. Incorporate the idea that you are the ideal and deserving recipient of the scholarship. At the end of the letter, don’t forget to express thankfulness and express your gratitude.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Scholarship Motivation Letter

Your scholarship motivation letter will most likely be the first criterion used to evaluate you.
As a result, you should be meticulous in your writing and, eventually, in your submission.
Be aware of the following typical letter mistakes to avoid:

    1. It should be well-written and free of faults in language and spelling.
    2. Throughout the letter, use a professional tone.
    3. Slang, clichés, colloquialisms, and jargon should all be avoided.
  1. It is best to avoid making broad generalizations.
  2. Irrelevant information should be avoided.
  3. Do not add any fictitious accomplishments.
  4. Excessive praise for the university should be avoided.
Important Points to Remember

Since a scholarship motivation letter is your chance to persuade the review committee that you are the strongest candidate, it must be written with purpose. Allow at least three days for the letter to be written. Consult with your colleagues or lecturers about it. Be your own critic and meticulously revise your work.

Now it’s your turn to write a scholarship motivation letter that will win you an award.
Use the scholarship motivation letter sample below to help you create your own.
Please let us know how these suggestions aided you.

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Scholarship Motivation Letter Sample 1

Steve Boult
9876 Boulevard St.
United States of America
The Scholarship Committee
Department of Biological Sciences
Stanford University
United States of America

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Steve Boult and I am a third year student at Oklahoma State University. I am currently pursuing a four-year Bachelor of Engineering Degree, and I plan to follow up with a one-year master’s degree after I graduate.While in high school, I interned with a reputable chemical plant in the Research and Development department. I learned about the construction process of refineries from the ground up, and I discovered the importance of its function. I worked closely to develop and optimize the machinery to increase the output at the plant. Additionally, I volunteered at an NGO to design and implement new technologies in the water supply mechanism of the town.

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My education is largely focused on this mindset: function over form, stability over showmanship. I have enrolled in several classes that amalgamates Chemical Sciences with Engineering in order to have a comprehensive view of how design meets structure. I have worked on four extra-credit chemical plant and oil refinery design projects under the supervision of my professors (Dr. A and Dr. B) to accelerate my research and education.I believe in avoiding accidents than fixing the loss it causes. Thus, as an engineer, I want to create accessible, cost-effective, productive, and durable AI-based operational systems that inform us about the potential malfunctions in advance.

Coming from a mechanical background, I believe that there is a need for an operational system that is reliable.I appreciate your consideration. With your assistance, I can continue my schooling in engineering and design to put an end to uncalled for accidents in plants and other industries.

Steve Boult

Scholarship Motivation Letter Sample 2

My name is David Michelle. I pursued my BSC in Psychology degree from Yale University. I have a passion for psychology and therefore, intend to get further education in this field. I am applying for a scholarship because I think I am eligible enough to make a name in the field of research in psychology. I have a lot of capabilities that need to be acknowledged by a reputed educational institute such as yours. I have always had a distinction in sciences and stood up to the mark of all my previous teachers.

My aim is to get this scholarship for the purpose of helping people out there who are depressed and want to give up. I want to explore my field furthermore so that I can be a source of killing the most widespread disease in the world, known as depression. This scholarship will prove to be the basis for my career foundation.

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I have also been a thesis writer and have a vast knowledge of the subject of psychology. My area of expertise are, behavioral therapy, humanistic integrative psychotherapy, psychosomatic disorders, and Hypno-psychotherapy. My supervisors have always been satisfied with my work. After completing my undergraduate degree, I joined the Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital.

After pursuing a BSc degree, I started working as an apprentice to a well-known psychiatrist. This scholarship will help me to gain knowledge and become one step closer to a bright future, not just for myself, but for others as well. I am willing to learn new things for the sake of one cause only and that is the eradication of mental diseases that kill the hope among people to live.

I hope my cause proves to you that I am a deserving candidate who is willing to make a big and positive change in the world. This scholarship will grant me a key to a new journey towards the world of psychology.


Your scholarship is built on the foundation of your motivation letter. If you ace it, you’ll have no trouble getting a scholarship. As a result, writing a good motivation letter is critical.



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