How To Write Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

What motivation letter means?

A motivation letter for scholarship is an academic document that expresses an applicant’s interest in a particular course, degree program, university, scholarship, or study.

A scholarship motivation letter is an academic document that expresses a student’s interest in a course, degree program, university, or scholarship, as well as how it will benefit them.A motivation letter is sent along with your scholarship application.

When it comes to applying for a scholarship, the majority of applicants are unaware of the proper procedure and believe that an application for the scholarship is the only letter required to get them through the selection process. In most circumstances, however, this is not the case.

It so happens that prestigious educational institutions receive thousands of scholarship applications, making it hard to look through them all to select a few students for scholarship grants.

As a result, they mandate the submission of a certain set of scholarship application materials, the most significant of which is the Letter of Motivation.


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The motivation letter introduces the candidate to the scholarship panel and explains why they should be awarded the scholarship. It encourages the reviewers to believe in the applicant’s ability to improve the reputation of their institution.

A motivation letter is a letter that applicants of a scholarship program send to the selection panel along with their scholarship application. It is a letter in which the applicant explains why he or she is deserving of the scholarship. It discusses the candidate’s future goals and plans and persuades the panel to examine this proposal through reasoning and in a professional manner.

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Benefits of Motivation Letter

If you can effectively pique the reader’s interest with an effective and eye-catching motivation letter, you’ve accomplished a lot. You were taught that the initial impression on the reviewing panel is made through your previous academic results and awards while preparing a scholarship application.

A motivation letter gives the panel a second and more lasting impression.
It represents your future goals for transformation more accurately than anyone else.
It shows your potential, goals, and a synopsis of the execution plan to persuade the reviewing authorities to choose you.

Every university’s motto is to “produce leaders” or “transform the world in a positive way,” thus the students they demand at their institute should have the same purpose.
As a result, it is advantageous for an applicant to concentrate on this aspect in order to strengthen his motivation letter.

Under most cases, a candidate will be required to submit a motivation letter in one of the following four situations:




1. When submitting an application for a scholarship or admission,

2. As you prepare to begin an internship, take a step forward.

3. Volunteering for a non-profit organization and expressing interest in doing so.

4. While attempting to persuade the board to approve a research funding award



Format of the Letter of Motivation

There are two ways in which you can create your motivation letter;

  1. General Motivation Letter Format: The letter of motivation is divided into three parts, similar to an essay, with the first paragraph including the opening lines, the second paragraph containing the major purpose, and the third paragraph concluding and summarizing the entire letter.
    This method is traditional, however the second method is frequently preferred because it allows the letter to flow without interruption.
    The monotone writing style is tedious and unappealing to the reviewer.
  2. Scholarship Motivation Letter Format: The second format emphasizes a maximum of seven paragraphs with a minimum of five. This method is considered more effective because the points are specifically mentioned in each paragraph in this manner.
    The introduction is one paragraph long, the body is five paragraphs long, and each of these paragraphs discusses a different purpose of the applicant; the last paragraph concludes. 
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Outline of Motivation Letter

In the header section, include personal and contact information.

  1. Title of Motivation letter
  2. Introductory Paragraphs
  3. The backstory to your accomplishments
  4. Provide information on the skillset you’ve obtained.
  5. A paragraph expressing enthusiasm about a scholarship, admission, or other opportunity.
  6. Make a list of the most important goals.
  7. Make a plan for how you will carry it out.
  8. Give reasons why you think you’re a strong candidate.
  9. Conclude the motivation letter.


How long should a scholarship motivation letter be?

In general, the word limit for a motivation letter is unrestricted. However, for a perfect length motivation letter, a word count of 500-1000 words is recommended. However, whether you keep it long or short is entirely up to you. However, a good motivation letter should not be too long or too short.



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