STUDY IN USA :Universities in USA that accept HND for Graduate School, 2022

STUDY IN USA :Universities in USA that accept HND for Graduate Studies in 2022.

There are many universities in the USA that accept HND from international students applying for Masters or PhD studies in the country.

In the job market, students with Higher National Diploma (HND) degrees from polytechnics sometimes feel isolated and inferior to those with Bachelor’s degrees from universities.

HND holders, on the other hand, have lifelines and hopes when it comes to graduate scholarships in the United States (in some cases better than students with the BSc).
In fact, the United States is one of the countries that accepts the most students with an HND.

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What You Need To Know and Do – STUDY IN USA :Universities in USA that accept HND for Graduate Studies, 2022

  • It is critical to achieve a distinction or an upper credit in your HND in order to compete against thousands of other applicants, particularly those with a BSc.

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  • Some colleges need you to examine and certify your HND and ND transcripts with (World Educational System) WES or other evaluating authorities.
  • WES’s course-by-course credential evaluation report identifies and defines each diploma/certificate, as well as providing an equivalent for each.
  • It provides information about educational periods, courses, credit hours, grades, and degrees, as well as general academic achievement in the United States’ educational system (or your host country). In the United States, semester credits and a 4.0 grade point average are commonly used.

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List of Schools That Accept HND for Masters in The USA

When applying to any of the schools listed below with your WES-evaluated or original HND result, make sure your other documents, particularly your personal statement and letters of recommendation, are comprehensive and competitive.

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