How to earn money on YouTube

How to earn money on YouTube

How to earn money on YouTube.

YouTube is a social networking and internet video sharing service with its main office in San Bruno, California. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim debuted it on February 14, 2005. After Google Search, it is currently owned by Google and is the second most viewed website.Each month, more than 2.5 billion people use YouTube, watching more than one billion hours of video. More than 500 hours of content every minute of videos were being uploaded as of May 2019.

YouTube was acquired by Google for $1.65 billion in October 2006, 18 months after the first video was uploaded and 10 months after the site’s formal launch. When Google acquired YouTube, the site’s business model changed from relying solely on advertising to also providing paid content like movies and other exclusive YouTube productions.

Additionally, it provides YouTube Premium, a paid membership service that allows users to watch content without commercials. The Google AdSense programme, which aims to increase revenue for both sides, has also been approved by YouTube for creator participation.
In 2020, YouTube recorded $19.8 billion in revenue. YouTube’s yearly ad income grew to $28.8 billion in 2021.

How to earn money on YouTube

You can make money on YouTube by applying for and being accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

You may also be eligible for Shorts bonuses as part of the YouTube Shorts Fund even if you are not a member of the YouTube Partner Program.


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Ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program

You can make money on YouTube through the following features:

  • Advertising revenue: Get ad revenue from display, overlay, and video ads.
  • Channel memberships: Your members make recurring monthly payments in exchange for special perks that you offer.
  • Merch shelf: Your fans can browse and buy official branded merchandise that’s showcased on your watch pages.
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers: Your fans pay to get their messages highlighted in chat streams.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: Get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.


In addition to subscriber and view count limitations, each feature has its own set of eligibility requirements. Specific functionalities may be unavailable if YouTube reviewers decide your channel or video is ineligible
These additional thresholds exist for two primary reasons. The most crucial is that YouTube must comply with legal requirements in all areas where the function is available. Then, in order to reward good creators, YouTube need to ensure that we have adequate context on your channel. In general, this context indicates that YouTube require additional content to review.

Note: Keep in mind that Youtube constantly review channels to make sure your content is in line with their policies.

Minimum eligibility requirements to turn on monetization features

Once you’ve been accepted in the YouTube Partner Program, you may get access to these monetization features:

Ad revenue
  • Be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian older than 18 years of age who can handle your payments via AdSense.
  • Create content that meets our advertiser-friendly content guidelines
Channel memberships
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers
Merch shelf
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have more than 10,000 subscribers
Super Chat & Super Stickers
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in a country/region where Super Chat is available
YouTube Premium revenue
  • Create content watched by a viewer who is a YouTube Premium subscriber
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YouTube Shorts Fund

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund established to reward producers for their commitment to creating unique, original Shorts that thrill the YouTube community. We will notify thousands of authors each month that they are eligible for a Shorts bonus from the fund.

Shorts bonus
  • Channels need to have uploaded at least one eligible Short in the last 180 days.
  • Channels need to abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelinescopyright rules, and monetization policies.
  • Channels uploading videos with watermarks or logos from third-party social media platforms, non-original videos (for example, unedited clips from movies or TV shows), or videos reuploaded from other creator’s channels will not be eligible.
  • Creators must be 13 or older in the United States, or the age of majority in their country/region.
  • Creators 13–18 years old must have a parent or guardian accept terms and set up an AdSense account for payment when one isn’t already linked to their channel.
  • Creators must be in one of the countries/regions outlined on this page.


YouTube earnings and tax liability

Earning money on YouTube or collecting Shorts bonuses is an excellent method to be rewarded for producing high-quality, entertaining material on the platform.

Keep in mind that any income produced from your monetized YouTube videos may be subject to taxation in your country of residence. For more information, contact your local tax authorities.

How to get subscribers on YouTube

Creators gain the most rewards from being on YouTube once they reach 1,000 subscribers.
They gain access to the YouTube Partner Program, which allows producers to monetise their videos with advertisements. In addition, meeting the other prerequisite – 4,000 hours of watch time – makes enrolling into the YPP a breeze.

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The most difficult aspect of monetizing a YouTube channel is gaining subscribers.
Unless the content is extremely gratifying, consumers will watch dozens of videos before subscribing. As a result, 4,000 watch hours may be easier to obtain than YouTube subscribers.

How to get subscribers on YouTube

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