Latest Job Opportunity At Golden Star

Golden Star presents a job opportunity. They’re looking for a Senior Hydrogeologist. You’ll be in charge of creating mine hydrogeology controls for existing and new zones or mines, as well as delivering professional hydrogeological assessments of groundwater seepage potential into the mine and its environmental impact on the surrounding hydrogeological regime.


The role accountabilities are stated below:

  • Maintain the hydrogeological model of the mine;
  • Collect, analyze and interpret hydrogeological data to provide input for mine design and sequencing;
  • Construct 3D numerical and stochastic models of soil and groundwater contamination for geotechnical assessments and planning of remedial activities;

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  • Ensure hydrogeological activities are carried out safely, efficiently and in accordance with mining regulations and company safety practices;
  • Develop and implement procedures to reduce mine water inflow, including grouting procedures;
  • Develop mine hydrogeology controls for current and new zones or mines;
  • Analyze collected information to assess and predict the impact of mining activities on groundwater;
  • Manage QA/QC programs for groundwater control systems and ensure non-compliance with standards is addressed promptly;
  • Provide advice and recommendations on hydrogeological issues related to mine design, planning, and operations;
  • Assist in the design of mine sumps and pumping systems;
  • Interpret maps, geographical data, historical evidence and models to build a comprehensive understanding of the groundwater regime and land contamination;
  • Provide safety leadership to support the mine’s Journey to Zero roadmap;
  • Conduct regular audit of mine pumping systems and recommend appropriate changes where necessary;
  • Inspect active underground headings and ensure the production team adheres to minimum standards;
  • Perform other related duties assigned from time to time by the Leader.
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  • Must have a minimum of Degree in Geological Engineering or its equivalent from a recognized institution;
  • Must have a minimum of five (5) years working experience in a similar position in an underground mining environment with focus on hydrogeological engineering;
  • Must have working knowledge in structural mapping and hydrogeological modeling;
  • Must be able to manage hydrogeological drilling programmes and the depressurization strategies;
  • Must have a valid first aid certificate;


  • Proficient in the use of Surpac, ModFlow, AutoCad, MineCad, DeswikCad and other hydrogeology modelling tools;
  • Ability to visualize geology and conceptualize groundwater flow in three dimensions;
  • Ability to understand underground plan and design;

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  • Excellent level of numeracy;
  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • Proven leadership and people management abilities with a track record of success;
  • Demonstrated commitment to integrity and ethical conduct;
  • Proficient in report writing and data analysis;
  • Strong data management and presentation skills

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Closing Date: 31st July, 2023

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