New Job Opportunity At SEND GHANA

SEND GHANA, a policy research and advocacy organization, was founded in 1998. The vision of SEND Ghana is “A Ghana where people’s rights and well-being are guaranteed” with a mission “to promote good governance and equality of men and women in Ghana”.  It is headquartered in Accra, with network offices in Tamale and Salaga.

Send Ghana is accepting applications for the consultant post.

Job Description


The Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) is seeking the services of a consultant to develop the framework and tools for monitoring Human Rights interventions in Ghana.

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Human rights and gender-related barriers pose significant challenges to accessing HIV and TB service. Effectively fast-tracking the response to HIV and TB necessitates addressing the urgent needs surrounding human rights and gender inequalities. Critical human rights barriers, including stigma, discrimination, violence, social attitudes, legal impediments, intimidation by law enforcement agencies, negative behaviours of healthcare practitioners, and hostility within the healthcare sector towards key populations, must be urgently addressed.

To address these human rights challenges, GAC, in collaboration with its partners developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan (2020-2024) for Human Rights-related Barriers to HIV and TB Services in Ghana. The Strategic Plan aims to remove human rights-related barriers to HIV and TB services and improve access to quality HIV and TB healthcare and support services through pragmatic implementation strategies.

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In response to the operationalization of the Plan, GAC with funding from USAID/SEND Ghana through the implementation of the Focal Country Collaboration (FCC) is seeking a consultant to develop a framework and tools for data collection and monitoring Human Rights activities relating to HIV and TB among key and vulnerable populations including.


To develop a comprehensive human rights framework and tools which ensures the integration of human rights perspectives into HIV program planning and reporting and reflects the aspirations of the NSP 2021-2025.

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The scope of the assignment covers a systematic, evidence-informed and data driven review of existing documents, tools and literature to develop the human rights framework and tools.  The consultant will be responsible for developing a comprehensive Human Rights Framework and accompanying data collection and monitoring tools to address human rights-related barriers to HIV and TB services in Ghana.

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Specifically, the Consultant will:

  1. Attend pre-engagement meeting with the GAC Team to discuss the Terms of reference (TOR).
  2. Liaise with relevant Divisions of the GAC secretariat and subject-matter experts to obtain technical content required to develop the frameworks and tools.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive review of existing policies, guidelines, and strategies related to human rights and HIV/TB in Ghana.
  4. Develop a draft Human Rights Framework that outlines strategies for monitoring and addressing human rights-related barriers to HIV and TB services.
  5. Design standardized data collection and monitoring tools and indicators that capture key aspects of human rights and their impact on access to HIV and TB services.
  6. Participate in multi-stakeholder validation workshop to gather feedback and refine the draft framework and tools.
  7. Facilitate capacity-building workshops sessions for relevant stakeholders.
  8. Pilot test the framework and tools at selected sites/organizations to gather feedback and refine the framework and tools based on lessons learned.

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The key approach to the assignment will revolve around stakeholder consultations, reviews and analyses of existing program data and reports including, but not restricted, to the following:

The key approach to the assignment will revolve around stakeholder consultations, reviews and analyses of existing program data and reports including, but not restricted, to the following:

  1. Desk Review: Conduct a comprehensive review of existing national and international policies, guidelines, frameworks, and best practices related to human rights and HIV/TB.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with key stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, key populations, and affected individuals.
  3. Best Practices Research: Collaborate with international partners and experts to gather insights and lessons learned from similar initiatives in other countries.
  4. Framework and Tools Development: Development of a draft Human Rights Framework and monitoring tools based on the findings from the review, stakeholder engagements, and best practices research.
  5. Capacity-Building Workshops: Conduct training to enhance the capacity of GAC staff, healthcare providers, legal professionals, and PLHIV organizations in utilizing the monitoring tools effectively.
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  1. Inception report outlining the processes, scope, and work plan/timelines required to conduct the assignment.
  2. Finalized Human Rights Framework, data collection and monitoring tools based on stakeholder feedback.
  3. Training materials and resources for capacity-building workshops and sessions.
  4. Final report summarizing the outcomes from the review of existing human rights policies and guidelines, capacity building workshop and the pilot test of the framework and tools.


20 days from date of engagement


The consultant will work under the supervision of the Director of RM&E Director for Technical Services and Director of Policy and Planning. The overall oversight of the consultancy will be under the supervision of the Director General, Ghana AIDS Commission.

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Required Skills or Experience

  • A minimum qualification of a master’s degree in public health, social sciences, human rights, law or development management.
  • A post qualification experience of at least 5 years in monitoring and evaluating HIV and TB programs, health policy analysis, health management, institutional development/assessment and human rights issues.
  • In-depth understanding of HIV and TB, including epidemiology, prevention, treatment, and care.
  • Familiarity with the legal and policy landscape related to HIV, TB, and human rights in Ghana.
  • Practical experience in conducting research and assessments and developing and implementing strategies, frameworks or tools to address human rights-related barriers in the context of HIV and TB.
  • Working knowledge of national policies and international policies and best practices in the provision of HIV prevention services to the general and key populations.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify human rights barriers and develop appropriate strategies and tools.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills to prepare reports, guidelines, and training materials.
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation methodologies to assess the impact of interventions on human rights and health outcomes.
  • Strong project management skills to plan, coordinate, and implement activities within specified timelines and budgets.
  • Experience in coordinating and facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops, consultations, and validation meetings.
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How To Apply For The New Job Opportunity At SEND GHANA

Forward your cover letter, CV and a sample of similar work, in a single PDF file to: and before 5:00pm, Friday 28th July, 2023  with the subject line “Consultant – CLM-FCC” to the HR/Admin. Manager.

The file name should be saved in this format: First and surname – CONSULTANAT –CLM_FCC e.g. Kwame Nyame – Consultant –CLM_FCC.  Alternatively, hard copies can be submitted at SEND Ghana Office, A28, Regimanuel Estate, Nungua Barrier, Accra. (GPS ADDRESS: GZ-065-1941)

Deadline: July 24, 2023

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