How to Change Your Program After Being Admitted to KNUST | Complete Guide

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How to Change Your Program After Being Admitted to KNUST.

Have you been offered a programme at KNUST that you didn’t want to read? If so, you don’t need to worry because it is possible to change your programme after being admitted to KNUST, and is here to help you with the process.

Attending Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people, while it is also a once-in-a-lifetime chance for others. Many individuals therefore attempt to make the best of it. They aim for the best grades, wholesome connections, and enduring ties.

Before all of this excitement, there is a stage called the “admission process,” which many first-time applicants or new entrants see as being “sophisticated.” During this step, candidates must decide the program or classes they want to enrol in if they are accepted into the university. Candidates must choose many courses and rank them from most preferred (sometimes known as “first choice”) to least preferred (sometimes known as “second choice”).

Every applicant hopes to get accepted to KNUST so they can pursue their top program, but a lot of variables determine whether or not they will be given this chance. An applicant’s chances of securing their first-choice course may depend on their overall performance at the cut-off points for that year as well as the number of qualified applicants applying for the same program.

After everyone has gone through this simple but fate-deciding drill, the top applicants are given their first-choice programs. The same standards used to decide whether someone qualified for their first preference are applied to the evaluation of others for their second and third choices.

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When provisional admission letters are given out at the end of the procedure, some candidates regrettably wind up being admitted to the programs they least desired to read, which brings us to the primary objective of this article.

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Can applicants change their programs of study after gaining admission to KNUST?

That issue has long plagued many students, forcing some to manage and finish their undergraduate degrees despite taking classes they loathe.
Unanimously, the response is yes! Students can change their program of study after being admitted to KNUST.

How To Change Your Program After Been Admitted To KNUST

The student must finish the first year of the program to which he or she was admitted. For example, if an applicant was accepted to read BA Political Science  and wishes to switch to BA English, he or she must first complete Level 100 as an English student. After the first year, the student can notify the Head of Department (HOD) of his or her selected programme of his or her intent to change programs.

The newly intended program must be similar to the previous one. A business student, for example, will not be permitted to change his or her major to pharmacy. The new program’s HOD will request the previous program’s examination results, and if they meet the requirements and there is room to take more students, their change of program will be formalized.


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