List of Universities in Canada With the Highest Acceptance Rate

This article will provide you with a list of universities in Canada with the highest acceptance rates for international students.

Canada is a popular destination for international students because of its top-notch institutions, universities, and high-quality education, which can assist students in building strong skills to excel in their professional lives. Community Colleges and Schools in Canada for international students

To pursue their degrees and experience fascinating lives overseas, many international students go to universities in Canada. Unfortunately, submitting an application does not guarantee admission.

The good news is that some colleges are easier to get into than others, so concentrating on these can increase your chances of being accepted.

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Today, our GhNewsBanQ specialists have narrowed down the institutions in Canada with the highest acceptance rates to get you started.


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The table below includes the best universities in Canada with high acceptance rate and their acceptance rates.

Designated Learning InstitutionAcceptance Rate
Acadia University60% – 70%
Mount Alison University.70% – 80%
Wilfrid Laurier University89%
Brock University.73%
University of Northern British Columbia.70% – 75%
Lakehead University83%
Thompson Rivers University82%
Toronto Metropolitan University80%
University of Prince Edward Island70%
University of Lethbridge93%
Ryerson University80%
University of Brunswick74%
Toronto School of Management60%
York University89%
University of Guelph66%
St. Francis Xavier75%
Concordia University78%
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The universities featured in the table are known for their strong academic programmes and high student rankings, so don’t dismiss them because of their high admission rate for international students. These universities also provide a number of scholarships for international students.

Please visit the official websites of these schools to learn more about their admission requirements, tuition, and funding.

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