What is the Zip Code and Postal Code for Ghana

Zip Code and Postal Code for Ghana.

If you’re sending letters or parcels to or from Ghana, making purchases, or anything else, you will need to know the country’s zip codes and postal codes before you can successfully ship your goods or fill out a form. Also, when trying to fill out an application form, such as when applying to a school abroad.
00233, 23321, and 233+ are the most commonly used dialing codes, but are they the required ones? Is there anything else to these codes?

Read on to discover more about these zip code/postal code combinations, as well as some other helpful hints for shipping items to Ghana safely and securely.

What is a Zip Code?

A Zip Code is a number that identifies a certain postal delivery area. On the other hand, ZIP is an abbreviation that stands for Zone Improvement Plan.
The United States postal service first used zip codes in 1963, according to Wikipedia.
When the United States Postal Service (USPS) found that routing messages using zip codes was faster and more efficient, it implemented this service.

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What is a Postal Code?

A Postal code is a string of letters and numbers that is used in a postal address to aid in mail sorting.

What is the Difference Between a Zip Code and a Postal Code?

The main difference between a zip code and a postal code is that a zip code is typically used by websites based in the United States, whilst a postal code is typically used by websites based outside the United States.
The Zip code and postal code, on the other hand, are a set of codes used to convey mail, packages, and other items to specific addresses.

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What is The Zip Code or Postal Code for Ghana?

This topic has sparked a lot of debate in the past, but no consensus has yet been achieved.
Ghana currently lacks proper ZIP/Postal Codes.
However, whether filling out a form or inputting information online, one can easily fill out the form in the appropriate manner.
00233 and 23321 are two regularly used codes or numbers that are always active.
Anyone can use these to make online purchases or fill out online forms.

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Does Ghana have a zip code?

In Ghana, zip codes are not accessible. Unfortunately, there is no zip code for Accra, Kumasi or Koforidua. Even though other African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have zip codes. The zip code system is not recognized in Ghana.
Ghana, on the other hand, use the postal code system to aid in the delivery of mail.

It should be noted that Zip Codes and Postal Codes are assigned by the country’s official postal service. A Ghana Post GPS App is available in Ghana.
The GhanaPostGPS App, which provides a 5 x 5 addressing system for the entire country, was released by GhanaPost. If you’re filling out a form for a Ghanaian online store, the GhanaPOST GPS App’s postcode is recommended.

You may get the app by clicking on the following link:

Download GhanaPostGPS

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Postal Codes – Digital Transformation

In 2017, Ghana postal service took a giant step forward with the introduction of digital postal codes. The Digital Address System provided postal codes and unique addresses to every square in Ghana.

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Postal Code Nomenclature

The postal codes in Ghana are alphanumeric.
The postcode district is formed by the first two characters: the first letter denotes the area, and the second character denotes the district where the address is located.
The postcode area is represented by the next three to five numbers, which define a more exact location within the area.

Sequential postcode regions are 500 meters apart and are numbered successively as they spiral out anticlockwise from the center of the postcode district.

Example of Postal codes for Ghana

The postal code for Ghana is the first 5 digits of your digital address. Here is an example of postal for Accra; GA145 which represents Ghana’s Independence Square. The GA stands for the Postcode district, where the G represents the Greater Accra Region, A for the Accra Metropolitan District, and the 145 representing the postcode area. Other areas have GA107, GA185. etc.

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How to Find your Postal Code in Ghana?

With the digitization of postal addresses, it’s very easy to get your postal address. There is an android app for Ghana post website where one can use location to find the postal code.

  • Click Here To Get the GhanaPostGPS Web Platform. Details of downloadong the GhanaPostGPS App is given above.

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By downloading the GhanaPostGPS App, you will be able to get the Digital Address of your location to help you in filling forms within the country.

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Ghana does not have zip codes instead we use the postal code system.  If you’re in Ghana and need to fill out an international form online, but the form demands a ZipCode, don’t hesitate to provide 00233 or 23321. The form will be unaffected by this. Also, keep in mind that if your Postal Code is necessary, it is the first five digits of your Digital Address.

For example, if your Digital address is AK-678-184, then your Postal Code is AK678

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