The NSS Flair Portal 2022/2023

Here is the NSS Flair Portal 2022/2023. This details how a National Service (NSS) personnel can apply for a job/employment on the NSS Flair website.

Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi, the Executive Director of NSS, recently introduced the Flair Portal for National Service (NSS) Personnels during a user agency stakeholder conference in Accra. This is unquestionably fantastic news for all current and future National Service personnel.

The NSS Flair Portal launch
The NSS Flair Portal Launch

He described the user agencies as formidable partners of the National Service Scheme, saying they can help the Scheme in attaining the vision of “Deployment for Employment.”

Mr Assibey Antwi noted that NSS is working assiduously with user agencies and other partners to ensure that the one-year service period is used to provide top-up training for the graduates.

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The Purpose of the NSS Flair Portal 2022/2023

The NSS Flair Portal’s goal is to ensure that a higher proportion of national service personnel get useful skills so that they can find gainful employment or start their own enterprises, lowering the country’s unemployment rate.

The NSS has taken a step ahead as an effective public sector organization by providing the essential support to the private sector, allowing them to better ensure a stronger partnership.

A connection that meets their demands as well as the needs of Ghana’s teeming youth.

The NSS Flair Portal 2022/2023
The NSS Flair Portal 2022/2023

About the NSS Flair Portal 2022/2023

The Flair Portal is an employment portal that also allows user organizations to request graduates with specified talents or training to perform national service on their behalf.

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The NSS Flair Portal provides stakeholders with the option to profit from skill-matching information.

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An example is the field of study or occupation, and also functions as a database that provides information on both National Service (NSS) Personnels and the respective user agencies.


Some of the modules established by the NSS to nurture national service men into global entrepreneurs, according to Mr. Osei Assibey, include:

  • NSS-Ghana Tourism Authority Support programme
  • Construction (housing) of real estate and public facilities
  • Agriculture and
  • NSS-Techlab partnership to design computer application system.

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NSS Flair Portal Application

Currently, the flair portal is not yet activated. When activated, a link will be provided below to give access to the NSS Flair Portal Application Login

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