Sourcing Data Officer At KOA Impact Ghana Limited

A Sourcing Data Officer is needed At KOA Impact Ghana Limited. The role of the Sourcing Data Officer is to be responsible for all data collection and first-hand review of data quality from sourcing and agro-management activities. The data officer will work with the raw material sourcing and the agro-economy departments, supervising data collection, cleaning and presenting the data for analysis. (S)He will be responsible for ensuring that all data sources are reported in a timely manner and assist with its reporting. (S)He will work closely with the IT, Sourcing and Agro-Economy teams.

Overall Duty For The Sourcing Data Officer At KOA Impact Ghana Limited 

To coordinate data systems across raw material sourcing and agro-economy departments. To collect, record, and properly organize data for effective analysis and decision making.


  • Work with field assistants to assess farms and report on farm and farmer operational data.
  • Review the quality of the data and perform quality checks to ensure appropriate data collection meets the needs of the evaluation process.

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  • Work with Data and IT manager to analyse and develop databases for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Be a local expert on digital tools for collecting and analysing farm and farmer data.
  • Support and expand the Koa Farm mapping Initiative.
  • Ability to conduct surveys and coordinate data collection activities.

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  • Analyse and document processes and problems identified on the farm and with farmers and develop solutions to enhance the efficiencies of farm and farmer development.
  • Ability to apply data wrangling in codifying and structuring data
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Qualification, Skills And Experience 

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Geomatic Engineering, Statistics, Agro- Engineering with Data Science background, or equivalent with at least 1 year experience
  • 2 years of relevant experience in a related field
  • Strong Knowledge in data Communication
  • Database Management, Configuration and Computer Hardware

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  • Operational knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office, Research and Data Collection.
  • Thorough knowledge of digital data, internet, and data collection tools, (Kobo Collect, Survey123, Google Forms, DM collect, QGIS)
  • Ability to produce high quality reports in a timely manner using Microsoft Office/ GSuite.
  • Understanding of digital mapping or willingness to learn ArcGIS and QGIS

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  • Ability to work effectivelv in a culturally diverse team and communicate with a wide range of audience such as farmers
  • Excellent professional command of English
  • Ability to work in rural setup
  • Past experience in supporting and maintaining farm data and mapping systems

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  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Database Management (SOL related), basic data analvsis (Descriptive statistics, analytical statistics) skills and basic knowledge of using data analysis software, e.g., Excel, R and MySQL.
  • Knowledge in Agriculture related issues, such as Soil, Agricultural practices, etc.
  • Knowledge in Monitoring and Evaluation


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How To Apply For Sourcing Data Officer At KOA Impact Ghana Limited

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Closing Date: 27th June, 2022

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